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    Anyone else, like... in LOVE with KH MoM?

    I love it too, it was fun to get the Platinum Trophy but as mentioned above there were quite a few things I would have loved they added to the game like changeable outfits. I'm so tired of KH1 Sora model at this point lol.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Manga Vol. 1 by Shiro Amano cover art revealed

    I was just about to post this. I'm mad because I had it preordered and it looks like it was removed from my Amazon order list. I was looking forward to getting this almost along side MoM. Oh well, I guess I can get the light novels in the meantime.
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    KH Bring Arts

    The Square store lists the US release at least as October 2020, I'm pretty sure Roxas and Xion are out in JP. I plan on trying to make a cardboard replica of the clock tower from Twilight Town and having RAX eating ice cream. I might give Sora Oathkeeper and Oblivion, maybe to Valor Halloween...
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    KH Bring Arts

    Will that change when Roxas and Xion come out? 🤔 Yeah but I think they factor accessories into cost because of today's market. A figure without accessories shouldn't cost the same as one with in some peoples eyes. And if its strictly a KH 3 figure she never had any of that stuff.
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    KH Bring Arts

    If we're talking in terms of KH3 Namine has no accessories and only shows up in the end as a cutscene, Yozora has a whole fight. I wouldn't mind Sora in the dual wield form but that would be more repeat accessories. Rage form would also be pretty cool. It'd be nice if they did a second line of...
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    KH Bring Arts

    Thanks, you'd definitely be one to know if there was any news. I just love these figures and im excited to have them all lol
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    KH Bring Arts

    So before the most recent announcement about Aqua, Terra, Sora V2, and Riku V2 they stated that Aqua was in Beta, Terra was in Alpha, and there was one unnamed figure in the works. I was hoping it would be Yozora and I don't mind them upgrading Sora and Riku (would be nice to get an upgrade pack...
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    Giving it a go!

    Don't I know it, that game was awful. I played a bunch of random Atari games my grandparents owned like Echo, Yarr's Revenge, etc.
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    Giving it a go!

    I'm only almost 30 and I played ET on Atari when I was little >.> Welcome to the show
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    Besides Sora, what character would you want a future game to focus on, and why? What might that game be like in terms of story and gameplay?

    He's gonna be the secret boss. I hope we get a few cutscenes before and after the fight. More than what we got with the others that give us some kind of insight to what his role is going to be.
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    Who Remember kingdom hearts 1 was just game

    To think back to when I first played Kingdom Hearts...How much I loved that game, and the story and interactions with Disney Characters. Then thinking about that secret ending. How many of us expected that the continuation would be based off of "Deep Dive City" instead of that part where the...
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    News ► Two new Kingdom Hearts pins have arrived at Disneyland!

    I have to get them! I have the Org Mickey and all the ones from KH remaster/KH3 deluxe edition/preorders. The only one I'm missing that I don't think I can ever get is the first one that was KH1 Sora, Donald, and Goofy in a throne.
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    What should be a good completion award?

    I like unlocking new things and I like getting upgrades or aesthetics. Ultimately, whatever makes me overpowered though is best. Borderlands 3 has been "balancing" for their MMO features and it has nerfed so many weapons that made me feel overpowered like, why did I do all this grinding if...
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    Something about the Kingdom key keyblade still bothers me:(

    I'd abandon love for the Kingdom Key and put it towards Star Cluster instead cause it's an awesome upgraded look for the KK.
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    KH chaos with AI-generated paragraphs

    Charlie the Unicorn world, Candy Mountain is a thing. It takes place in a Candy Land mixed world accessable from a glitch in the Sugar Rush world.