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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Shinjuku - I think this one is a little obvious, I'd really like the possibility of Shinjuku to be a premise that allows them to finally create a TWEWY 2 Midgar - Considering it's been the most explored FF game of all I'd really like to see them give the conclusion to the Cloud vs Sephiroth...
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    New theory says the Nameless Star isn't any KHX character, but another character we've seen and thought nothing of.

    Gotta lay that groundwork! I like this theory but I'm kinda mad we had to keep the name a secret. Maybe they'll reveal it in Re:Mind. Maybe that opening line is the opening line of Verum Rex too and this is the start of Yozora's journey. Instead of fighting a Darkside he's fighting Sora, who is...
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    Theory: If Yozora is Sora, then the two guys Yozora fights with have got to be Donald and Goofy

    They're doing a Kingdom Hearts Multiverse! We're gonna see at least 3 or 4 different Sora in the next game
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    Are you pre-ordering Re Mind?

    I preordered KH3 digitally just for the theme even though I bought the deluxe edition + Bring Arts so you bet your bottom I'm gonna preorder that Orchestra edition, especially since I missed out on both the concert and the Oathkeeper/Oblivion batons.
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    What Character symble you in real life

    Yeah you lost 500 on Donald saying Xigbar didn't you? Well there's always Re:Mind! Outside now too until we find out what happens at the end of Re:Mind lol I'd say I'm probably more like Lexaeus irl, I'm pretty quiet and stoic.
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    My Theory on where KH3Remind will leave us....

    It ties in well with the fact that they keep pushing the whole "data has a heart" theory but we would need to not have an FF 7 world unless they imply the FF 7 characters move to that world after leaving Radiant Garden since that's where they all reside. There's plenty of content for them to...
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying, I'm hit with the SAME HYPE LEVELS I HAD THIS TIME LAST YEAR. Almost the same amount of wait time from the Final Battle trailer too. I'M GONNA DIE OF HYPE AGAIN!!! I didn't expect this to fill me with so much...excitement.
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

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    News ► Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition releasing Fall 2019

    KH 1 era figures wielding KH 2 era keyblades? Oh hell naw
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    I agree and disagree. It isn't just interpreted because there's a planned future. FF8 is interpreted because there's no FF8-2 and FF9 isn't directly connected. With plans of a KH4 then what we see is what we get. In fact, the next game may open with him doing what he did that brings her back and...
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    *le gasp* :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O Is that a ship name then or are they the same person? >.>
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    X-Blade, Dual Wield, and Other Such Wonderment's

    Roxas was just Roxas, so his connection to Sora's heart and awakening it thanks to Xion made it his thing. Roxas' heart is able to dual wield. Sora is shown dual wielding guns in game so there's a chance he still could, but he lost all of his previous power so that might mean dual wielding...
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    What happened to the heartless after KH 3

    We gonna fight noise, heartless, soulless, nobodies, unversed (depending on Vanitas' actual fate or maybe another emotional character), and nightmares in the next game. EVERYTHING. Seriously though, we didn't even seal any keyholes which was generally what closed off heartless to a world so I...
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    Definitely nothing because Xigbar is Luxu and there's no connection to those names.
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    MoM is Verum Rex

    Yours, and she saw your internet search history and she and I are very disappointed in you.