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  • Oh, Truky, luna deided that she would like to have Sonokinesis when I dibbed it first.
    nevermind, i will work around it. I need to post tonight cause i work all week nine and a half hour shifts all week. This is it for me to get a good post in. I can post on those days too but I want to post now. I will just bypass my temps and backtrack a bit to cover that. It will all be ok. thanks though
    My temp is. Being that it makes that kinda difficult. Unless you want to ignore the bed part. i will just bs my way to getting there. I just needed a few hours to make it believable. Its whatever you want to do.
    It was never specified that 8 am would be the arrival time till your post so since I had my character go to bed, it will be pretty damn hard to get there at 8 am. While still remaining believable.

    I cant teleport haha
    Abs thinks 12 would be best. His character went to bed and was prepared to leave the next morning and it makes it difficult if its 8am
    new temp on the bottom of page 3 that needs approving Truky.. I didnt know if you saw it.
    If we can develop a second one I would most likely have Gyrokenisis, the control over Gravity.
    You really should try the game, I've read it twice and just trying to figure that stuff out. It sounds like, if it gets that far; you've got some pretty interesting plans for it. I don't mean that in a bad way, I'm hoping everyone's able to see it through. I really don't want to have her using it early, but I've got an idea on how to reference it; so if I could get a little bit of help on it, that would be great.
    Siam, and she wouldn't be getting it until later; so how would that work out? Okay, thank you for explaining that with Harpuia, and I personally enjoyed Tales of the Abyss; it's being re-released this year for the 3DS, or if you live in Japan or US you could see if the game stop near by has the PS2 version of the game in stock.
    Not quite, the picture's actually from Tales of the Abyss; the character's name is Sync the Tempest. Hehe, don't worry, the similarities end there.
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