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  • HEY!

    Yeah i really wanna be apart of it, but i have no idea what my occupation should be

    And yes be my room mate :D
    Although now that im looking at it it looks like it may very well be something im interested in.
    The site I was watching it on had to take off the videos I think. I know I spoiled a lot of it for myself with wikipedia, but I'll give it another go for sure. xD
    Well it was nice of them to consider it. :3 And it's definitely something that is a financial burden. We gave up cable in order to keep the internet which I think was a smart move, the internet is almost limitless in what you can watch and whatever you can't I usually just pick up at a movie rental store or something.
    Well I'm not done watching it yet, I'm a little more than halfway through. So far it's really interesting but in my opinion it's no Evangelion. Nothing can really hold a candle to my love for Evangelion though. XD
    I don't remember if you told me if you had watched the new Rebuild movie, 2.0?
    Probably not, I shouldn't get into to many RPs cause then I lose track of what im on and when I get slammed with school work which will happen in a few weeks then I find it hard to post.
    Oh really? xD Have you played CoM, Days, BBS and all those though?
    And no worries, everyone know KH2 was mediocre... you're kind of better off to be honest. Haha.
    I remember seeing the commercials on tv with Simple and Clean playing and became obsessed with the song which ultimately led me to play KH1. I'm kind of a late fan compared with others though, I played KH1 in late 2005. But it was kind of good that way because I didn't have to wait for KH2 as long as other people. xD

    What about you?
    I love him too; I also hope he gets more screen time. There was never enough of him.
    I never saw it on TV... I downloaded it and then bought it. XD Wow, that's so long to not have cable. I just lost my cable almost 2 years ago, it was so bothersome at first but I don't care too much anymore. How was never really having cable? (I don't count three months either, far too short. xD)
    Ohhh Trigun, I've seen the first 5 episodes but I've never finished it. I think I'll give it another go after I'm done with the series I'm watching. :3 I'm watching Darker Than Black right now.
    Haha, why thank you. :)
    Also I see some discussion about Evangelion on this page. My favourite anime by far!
    I'm guessing you're a fan as well?
    It's really one of my most favorite and it's in my top ten must watch animes.
    That's a good idea, good luck with the job! Def tell me if you pick up BBS.
    Well they either don't understand or they think it's messed up orrrr... the classic "I wish they could make fun of themselves. Like, who would not ask wtf was going on in this situation?" And I try to explain but it's wasted. XD
    That's awesome, and the new movie came out last year in NA so that's pretty cool too. You chose a great time to find the series. :3
    I was shown Eva by my friend in about 2004, and at first I fell in love with character/eva designs... then I got through the whole show and was blown away. I've re-watched the series a bunch since then, catching things I didn't before and analyzing it. It's great to re-watch. I love it!
    My favorite character is definitely Asuka. Which is yours?
    Oh no. D: I got pretty lucky, I got a DS in 2007 as a present and I got to keep somebody's PSP. XD I only have two games for it right now; Birth by Sleep and Crises Core. I liked BBS, though it got a tad repetitive having to level up three characters through the same worlds.
    I was thinking like 2014 or 2015 for some reason. XD I was dreading having to wait that long.
    I've been trying to introduce some people to Eva but it's a failing endevor. I'm not sure if it's something you have to watch younger or what. :/ When did you start watching it?
    Well now that you say that xxxHolic is actually considered Tsubasa's sister anime. Mostly because Tsubasa csrosses into xxxHolic and xxxHolic cross into Tsubasa quite a lot.
    Thanks, but to tell you the truth Fai is from an anime and that theme song is his battle theme on the anime.
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