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  • okay i cheated and you should have the avatar privs of legendary so you should have 200x200
    tbh, i almost liked rin more before the finale. it was mega cute and super awesome how it all worked out, butttttttttt... i don't know where i'm going with this... tbh, rin was never one of my favorites but i did appreciate him for who he was. ya dig? but on the topic of mako-haru, OMG the way haruka looked at makoto sometimes would make my heart melt. and in one of the series specials it just basically implies that makoto and haruka do absolutely everything with each other because they're all each other has <3 they give me so many feels and i just love it all.

    oh i know! free! just manages to do that to people haha

    well i used to use my fanfiction.net account a lot and i would post here on KHI. i haven't even thought about tumblr because i feel like most people scroll past the fic? but that's totally wrong since my favorite fanfiction, period, was posted on tumblr... i only have two fics on AO3. i just post them eveeeeeerryyywhere. serenemelody | FanFiction that has most of my published things including most of the good things i put up on KHI back in the day when Smile would frequent.

    sewing just seems so hard. i wish i had taken lessons from my grandma when she offered like 10 years ago haha
    haru/rin is just way too forced. and their relationship is just kind of weird(?) even though they kind of tied it all back together in the end. my only gripe was that makoto seemed to change towards the finale because rin was there and idk, i just didn't like it. haru was there for mako-chan when the fisherman incident happened, makoto still shows up on his doorstep everyday to walk together to class, when he gets scared he grips onto haru for dear life and UGH i just have so many feels ;w; makoto's so fucking adorable and he cares so much about haru and i think that's why i love it so much. its not like how nagisa cares about everyone exorbitantly, no. makoto will do things for haru that the others can't/won't (even rin). IM SORRY BUT I RANT

    whenever i get around to posting it, haha. i usually write so much but never end up publishing it since no one seems to look at it anyway :p

    you sew? i wish i could even do that! there are so many cosplays that i would love to do but i feel like i just lack the ability, you know? i guess that kind of explains why i went with makoto too, I knew there was't too many pieces that i would have to worry about. im so lazy :c

    by the way, both of those cosplays are going to be fierce when they're finished!! you have to show me as soon as you get one done :3
    TELL ME ABOUT IT! So much Haru/Rin but we allllllll know its about Makoto and Haru. I DIED, personally, when Makoto fell asleep on Haru's stairs just waiting for him to come home. I thought it was the sweetest thing (i even wrote a fic about it because im lame). I'm so glad i can spazz out about free! with you!

    oh really? what are you "working on"
    rei definitely deserved all the love after the final two eps. just to see him give up his spot for rin was so sweet and made me feel SO much different about him

    and yes i am!!! i just ordered my wig from arda and it shipped on tuesday so i should be getting it on friday? im so excited because this is my first cosplay ever and it really means a lot just to think that i've finally gotten to this point! i've always talked about doing it but i never followed through :p

    thanks for noticing though ♥♥♥
    SO MUCH LOVE ♥ and you have rei-chan as your avatar!!

    yeah that was kind of gross but awesome
    can i just let you know how much i love you? you make my cry tears of happiness *u*

    plus you always like my shit so that's cool too

    oh wow, surgery is sucky no matter what it is. :c don't feel bad! you've totally gone above and beyond taking care of her. :3 you are too sweet.
    It worked!! I got a JPN email! WOW! Thank you so much!
    Have you used it to get KH Chi?
    Really?! Wow I gotta give that a shot!
    Agreed- Bi polar weather sucks. I can't enjoy my free time outside because I think it's hot and it's actually cold or vise versa...
    Also is the Tokyo game show coming up? I thought that was a summer deal. Or am I thinking of E3?
    I heard you needed a Japanese email address (Aka JPN Yahoo) and to get that you must have a Japanese address AND a Japanese cell number. And it's almost impossible to get one of those. They make you Rent cell phones at airports if your a tourist. But you MUST be living there to actually get your own cell number, be it a bill or Go phone. And in conclusion, since I have none of the above and no way to get it... I wait...lol
    So, have you been doing? Has it gotten cold wherever you are? It keeps switching from Piping Hot to winter cold here. Which is odd or middle/end September...
    Very busy with college! I thought the first week or so would be slow....>.>
    But not too bad. I'm STILL waiting for KH Chi. But I actually started to post on this site. Mwahaha....
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