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  • That :3 always gets to me...

    It's okay. Like I said, your writing's always interesting enough to read!
    You're welcome!

    There's no problem with staitng all your points. It just helps out a bit! A tl;dr explanation would be nice, sometimes... but your writing is good enough that I always read them through, regardless of bulk.
    I just have to say this.

    Your posts in the Xion hateclub are the longest I've seen on the site. And every bit of every one of them is on topic and filled with intelligence.

    So, yeah... you're very smart, obviously... I don't know how to compliment you anymore... so I'll just slink away, I guess...
    It looks very nice, I thought.

    But... no more sexy reno ;A;

    And yeah, I know, right? Haha, I already talked about this in the XION HC~
    I liek your sig very much >:3

    *looks at that thread* And another one bites the dust... do do do do do
    Wow. I just saw what happened at the Org XIII FC. YOU AWFUL AWFUL XION HATER, I'M NEVER SPEAKING TO YOU AGAIN!!! *runs away crying* [/sarcasm] Yeah, I'm sorry that happened to you. I didn't think you were being offensive.

    Anyways, I won't worry about erasing the secret plan; I doubt anyone's paying attention to our conversation, and no matter what, Larxene's outside the door now, and she knows how to escape Constance's necklace, so no matter what, she'll be able to save Axel when the time comes.

    Yep, there are CO scenes, but they aren't that great tbh. It's all from Axel's PoV, and there's not much about the CO members, which was disappointing.

    Yes, those are from the game, they just have more descriptions to them! And I prefer to go with the latter explanation: she's just that into him! :D

    No, of course not you silly fan! What's so important about the FINAL BOSS in Chain of Memories and his plans to backstab the FINAL BOSS in Kingdom Hearts 2? *shakes head*
    Well, actually...Larxene is planning to save him. :)

    See, she's bent on revenge, but she wants it to be HER own revenge, not her tagging along with Zexion. It helped me alot that Zexion basically made it sound like, "You're going to do all the work but then I get to deliver the final blow," which is NOT what Larxene wanted at all! And if that wasn't enough, she hates Constance and thinks Zexion is irritating. Yet, because they are ghosts, there aren't many ways that she can really bully them the way she plans to torment Axel. The way she sees it, temporarily rescuing Axel kills two birds with one stone, because then they'll be alone and she can have her vengeance, AND she gets to enrage Constance and Zexion too! But of course, the real reason for why I'm doing this is so that Axel and Larxene can have their little talk! :)

    Okay, I don't mind continuing the discussion in there! Let's bring some life back into the Kairi FC!

    That is weird, isn't it? Though now I think she'll be facing competition from the AkuShi shippers. Axel, why can't you ever be with a woman your own age, for goodness' sake?? As for the novels, the Days one had all the scenes from Castle Oblivion, but they were all from Axel's PoV and a disappointing lack of Larxel. He seemed to find her mildly annoying at best, although there WERE two little gems:

    This is all coming from goldpanner's translations, btw! Okay, it's official now. This is one-sided canon- you don't just "snuggle" with someone you want to be PALS with..

    Oh, okay. For some reason, I thought there were more. He still has a ton of members- over 100! Wow!

    I just watched it again, and according to a rough translation in the comments section, (which I usually avoid like the plague because of all the stupid spoilers about the rest of the game being unchecked) Aqua put a charm of some sort on Kairi's necklace , and said it probably wasn't a coinicdence that they met. The part about her getting that Keychain was interesting too. So much for it being "explained" in BBS, huh?

    I love how the two pairings almost sound exactly the same! And yeah, I wouldn't call it canon, though I have serious suspicions on Larxene's side.
    *glomps* I'm so happy! :3

    There are a ton of new Axel members, I think. Not surprising, since it's Axel. And yes, there are new members to add to the Kairi Club, including...GOLDPANNER! :D And that reminds me, you forgot to add tornribbons to the member list back when he first asked to join. So we now have 43 members. Speaking of which, I LOVE your avatar! That was one of the two cutscenes that I decided to let myself be spoiled on, and it was just so freakin' adorable.

    Well, I still have to respond to her response, but from the looks of things its merely a matter of couple preference. She's a die-hard AkuRoku fan (but not crazy or anything) who just prefers their cute bromance over Larxel snark and sexyness. Which, as I explained, is really what we're after when we ship Larxel; we're not interested in them composing love poems to each other.
    I log on in time just to hear that you're back for good???


    FYI- a new recruit in the Axel FC recently asked the million dollar question: why do fans like Axel/Larxene? I thought you might want to know. :) (And on that note, Cinollex said she'd make us a proper banner for the Larxel FC!)
    It could arguably have plot revelation, but if it is, it's nothing most didn't see coming. But it's a tender SoKai moment in my book. XD
    Oh you mean like the spoilers in the spoiler box at the SoKai FC? Nothing too big IMO. Just something from the Secret Ending. ;D
    If you're curious about the friendship request it's mostly because I like debating with you but in light of BBS, VMs that are not from contacts have to go *just deleted a spoilering vm she managed not to read*

    We do. Unlike common misconceptions, not everything I say about the girl is accepted as law and truth and we often exchange opinions about stuff we accept or don't accept.
    We still don't like her but on varying levels. Also, ways to make her better etc, including exploring the idea of her becoming a villain or alternatively, a figure-head in times of need.
    It's sort of like what I did in the Kairi clubs up to now, only going to more extreme measures of showing just how much I'm frustrated with the existing product XD;

    People that like Kairi from all over. Sadly, the vast majority seems to find offense to be the best defense xD; but we've been through this.
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