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  • "I do like the idea of a Debating Fanclub, though, if people need to get things off their chest (and even if it was a random thought at the minute). As long as it doesn't cross the line and it's monitored. Some forums have that. "

    I know what you mean. And we get that in some of the FCs I'm in. Like, we got into a debate in the Xion fc about how she can influence the future and BBS relations and such. Or in the Kairi HC, pro and against and such and debating over scenes and such. And of course the occasional Kairi lover that actually wants to listen, and not just bash us for hating her XD;
    It's fun. Just hyping or what not can only last so long. You need substance.

    "I know xD. As long as someone is not simply in there to insult, and can keep it in their proper place, I don't think it's bad. Especially if you actually want to talk about certain things in general."

    Mmhm. Which is why I don't mind when Kairi lovers go into the Kairi HC or something, so long as they're there to listen and not go "FUCK YOU ALL SHE'S SO AWESOME~#!@#@!"
    ...did it happen in the Xion HC, btw? Just curious.
    "Feel free to stop by anytime xD"

    I don't like LarXel all that much, my cup of tea sits a lot more with LarLuxia, but I appreciate the offer :3~

    "You usually try to keep it as open-minded as possible too."

    I do. And I do see how people can see Kairi in the way they do - I just don't agree with those views since to me, all her scenes piled up together doesn't add up to the same conclusion.
    I'll drop dead before saying you people are dumb or blind or what not though as often as it happens the other way around >>;
    Since OBVIOUSLY I can't dislike her unless I'm jealous of her, or a butthurt SoRiku fan.

    "You should know how the fandom is."

    I do XD

    "If you hadn't gone out at the time you did, it really would have been possible that some...I wouldn't say war, but something might have gone on if it escalated, especially when it gets to defending."

    Which is why I "pulled out" and took my forces out with me. Since then it would've been a mob vs. a mob and that wouldn't have led to anything productive.

    "As for the actual Kairi club, since I don't manage the SoKai one, you're good xD"

    As D&C debated with me there and he's the club leader, I think I'm good so long as I don't over do it XD;

    "If anything, I'm more surprised, lol."

    Oh pshaw, I can only troll for so long in my life. I need a break once in a while >.> xD;
    And I do have the Kairi HC to vent in so it's like
    *holds it in* *holds it in* *holds it in* *goes to HC and breaks loose*
    I realize the hypocricity that might show from it but... never said I liked Kairi in the other clubs. Just kept a stiff upper lip about it.
    I actually unsubscribed from that thread a while ago because I didn't see anyone quoting me and was too lazy to actually read to see if anyone's replied to me.
    I assume you replied to my "they hate each other's guts"? Larxene indeed was interested in Axel and he was too, if only for his own means, but I don't think he actually hated anyone in the Organization. Larxene seemed to be more the person to "remember" how to do that as you yourself said - she's rather childish and petty.

    I do appreciate you taking the time to clarify things :3 hope you don't mind me stopping by the Kairi clubs once in a while. Even though my views are negative I do hope I manage to pass them along as constructive criticism as quite a bit of it IS based on frustration and disappointment, something I know many of you share with me - you can just forgive the rest while I can't.
    The Kairi clubs are about the only place where I can rant about it without it getting out of hand hate-wise, as well as hate-hate-wise because most of you (Wanta aside >.> she's a brat no matter how many times we try to talk to each other) are cool like that.
    so uhhh, i was working on stuff for this site today, and i remembered you wanted the affiliate buttons for the kairi, larxene, axel & roxas fanclubs. i looked on my comp for the blank templates of them w/o text..couldn't find them. >.<
    i'm really sorry. i dunno, maybe we could just have the affiliates section be without one? D:
    I wouldn't have had such a big problem with it because everyone has their own differing opinions, but if it got to the point where I saw it every time I went into the Axel FC, then... xD;;

    All I'm saying is that AkuRoku fans are being alienated and even future would-be members could/would get scared off by all the hate that's going on in there. D:
    Its alright, i get that all the time..i think ahahaha.
    so how are those fan clubs of yours
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