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  • im mostly in digital media and fan clubs, just finished another tag,
    what do you think?

    You're welcome. :] Jesse McCartney did look like Roxas when he was a blond. XD I still even listen to his songs. ^ - ^
    Yeah, I didn't think he would either; that's why I was so surprised and pleased when I saw your avatar! But now Jesse is no longer on a whole new level of awesomeness. Sorry Jesse.

    It's an impressive fake though! I honestly didn't think he looked much like Roxas until I saw it! If they ever made a live-action KH movie, he could seriously reprise his role! :O
    ^^ No probs! Just browsed some pixel art in dA. C:
    Yes, I think so too. The middle one is kinda too big and the eyes are weird... XD A vote would be great. :3
    Here's some Roxas plushies for you:


    Choose your favourite! C:
    I like the first and the last one~
    I LOVED somebody's Axel post!!! :D I just had to drop in and say that!


    Well, in the SoNami fanclub, we mostly talk about why we love them as a couple, post fanart, fanfics, and fanvids. Pretty much what you and I already do with Axel/Larxene. I think it'll be successful as long as we keep it alive, especially when there's more than just you and me posting. It should be a fun club!

    ROFL, you should definitely write a fic like that! I'd love to see lovestruck Axel chasing after Larxene!

    Um...I'm not entirely sure of what she'll have planned. For now, she plans to stalk him until it drives him crazy, and then seperate him from Roxas and Demyx so he'd experience the rough feelings of betrayal too. I'm hoping that somehow Axel and Roxas can get back to mentioning Roxas's initial displeasure about Axel trying to burn the mansion down, because I can guarantee you that Larxene will use that information to her advantage when and if she learns about it. Beyond that, I don't have any other ideas aside from her fighting him and taking delight in the fact that he won't be able to stop her attacks because she's a ghost now. And yes, they're will be jokes. ESPECIALLY if Roxas is around to try and intervene, because we all know how much Larxene loves an opportunity to mock the heroes!

    As for Demyx, it's going to have to be rocky, especially when she finally reveals herself, because if he's there, that means that all this time, he's been frantic worrying about her, and she was okay, and she never bothered to tell him? Ouch. To be fair, she would've done so but she's more concerned with Axel at the moment.

    Yeah, hopefully! Now madammina's feeling sick too! :(

    I'm not sure. I know I responded, and I think Choc said she didn't like any Org pairings, but that's all I can remember.

    Yeah, they really showed no mercy. But I guess we deserved it for trying to get a bunch of emotionless beings to fall in love. At least you admit that Larxel wouldn't be true love, and I have the power of Kairi's heart working in favor of Kaimyx.

    So she CAN see Sora's memories?! I thought so! I mean, it makes no sense otherwise; how could she change his memories and make new ones without knowing the content of the memories that she's changing? Xion asks Namine and Axel to take care of Roxas?! D'awwww! I can't wait to see those parts!

    Sometimes I wonder if Roxas and Namine were just guessing, because they wanted to believe it was true that their friend wasn't really gone forever. Luckily for them, the staff and the fanbase alike love Axel, so he'll be back and he'll most likely have a big sappy reunion with them! Though, given the kind of emotional rollercoaster ride Days is about to put me through, I think we all deserve to see that happy ending for the Axel and Roxas friendship (with extra Namine on the side!).

    Wow, you're pretty confident there, aren't you? :lol:

    Wait, why does the staff get to have all the fun?! I thought that was what the Fanclub was for! LOL

    Yes, I do know. I'm kind of tied. Right now, Days is making me fangirl over Demyx so much, it's hard for me to focus on many of the other characters, much less determine whether I like SoKai or RokuNami better. It's quite astounding. I mean, it's not like he shows up a lot, but when he does it's always so memorable. Like, I just got to Day 256, and they were having a meeting, and he yells, "WHAAAAAAAT?" But the best part was that it was a sound bite, and it just came out of nowhere that I just started laughing. Ryan O'Donohue rocks.

    I'm so so so so SO excited for the apprentices!! You have no idea! Ideally, I'd like to see everyone's Others make a cameo appearance. You never know.

    Xion doesn't remind me of Kairi in terms of personality though. She seems too quiet for that. She's more like Namine to me, with all the angst. Kairi just doesn't have time for all that angst nonsense. She'll mope about Sora not being home and being stuck in a jail cell for a few seconds, and then go back to trying to make her situation better. She and Larxene are kind of more like, "Screw it, I'm doing what I wanna do!" girls, and Aqua's in the middle. She seems quiet and depressed like Xion and Namine, but she's also bold and tough and knows how put people in their places without a snappy retort. Yes, Aqua's pretty cool!
    You know what, I was GOING to ask you about why you think Days makes it harder for Riku to have been Duel Wielding and that's how he had a Keyblade for Kairi, but uh. Read that spoiler you wrote for Azrael.
    :D I don't care anymore. And no. Not because of the "Xion hate" in it.
    You damn Xion as much as Smile damns Kairi.

    About time.

    And I hate the rule.
    You know what.

    You're like Smile.
    I personally doubt my views would change even after I play the game and read the interview. I mean, I asked almost everyone I know that was as up to date as you were and they had no idea what you were talking about XD;

    It does, actually. Or how to put it - it shows the middle ground to his character, and both sides. There's the Axel that interacts with Saix and reminds a lot more of the CoM Axel, and there's the Axel that sits with Xion and Roxas on the clock tower and has ice cream and laughs and blushes - reminding us a bit more of Axel in KH2.
    I needed to see the connection between those two sides - and Days indeed delivered the goods :3
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