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  • you are karen dont you ever say that again. do you understand me. i care about you so hush
    Hey just letting you know that I saw your request in the shop

    Sorry for the late reply :x
    Well not so much a single idea, but just what I picture it looking like(sort of), and I just go with the flow ;D

    Oh here's a wonderful idea? We do a colaberation with that aqua image. I predict sexay results :D...well, if I don't rape linear and color dodge. <.<
    I just had the idea of "blue" and "energetic" in my mind, and I just went as I goed(not a wordlolol). But thanks ^^; I usually spend the first 15 minutes figuring out what to do, and if that's the case, it takes me 45-75 minutes pending on the difficulty of the stock xD.

    And yeah that's the image. Stupid me, I kept on clicking the image that Anagram had originally, and it kept on bringing me to the zerochan dead link xD. Brainfarts ftl~
    aww, thank you :3 took me like...30 minutes or something. I had the idea, and well you saw the finish product :D
    We are our own worst critic. xD

    not much of a difference from what I can see. Maybe just a slight layout appearance, but still no diff.

    I'm beginning to hate Zerochan now ;__; it works one day, then its dead, and repeat that once more xD

    I've made four tags, and one lp today. Five hours of nothing but photoshop :eek:
    That does work to speed them up, I know the D-link I seem to use the most is Aqua's. What about you?
    Thanks ^-^; I'm just way too critical of my own work. xD;

    Thats what CS5 did for me too. The RAM was really hurting from CS5, so yeah that's when swticharoo happened xDD
    It's pretty interesting, can I ask which one you're starting off with? Or plan to start off with if you haven't?
    At first, I wasn't really feeling it, but then I had the gut feeling to just go with it. Good thing i did lol

    Funny thing. I was using CS5, but then it started acting funny for me, so I had to downgrade. I'm not complaining. CS3 isn't a bad version. I prefer the layout to CS5, though.
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