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  • olol. when I was making that one, I almost scrapped it :< I was in such a rut at the time...also I had just got cs3, so it was new tag with new version. xD
    Yeah very different. Oh well guess that it's like being retired though huh? Everything just feels different ;p
    yeah it happens all the time now

    it's just not like it used to be you know? :\
    Yeah it's not really that they're allowing it now, it's more about who your friends with if you know what I mean >.>
    I found the second tale to the NES in was in the forum game on page 39, I realize how short it was it only went up to 9 pages and then stop, I remember I was the last one to post, i wonder if i put in a post from where I last left do you think anyone would want to play??
    Yeah sort of. I feel like my design skills are lacking. I have the creativity I just need to learn how to apply it.

    Heh well apparently if you ask nicely you can mod any section you want. Definitely wasn't the case before, in fact I remember when regular staff had a problem with us modding the kh section.
    your welcome, I was looking over that game too awhile ago, it was because of that game that the Neverending Story was created, I've also was looking over the first never ending story a month ago and was remember how fun that was I was trying to find the second one we did but I think it got deleted or still in the forums somewhere?????
    Yeah I think I'm going to start really focusing on design more now, I'm starting to becoming unsatisfied with my work. Well more like my work process, I find myself not being able to go past the same three techniques :x

    Yeah I didn't find out my powers til after I quit and had nothing else to do ;p
    Exactly. You don't want to be this guy

    Man so you had ps training before huh? I had to figure out everything the hard way :c (on my own). But I'm glad I started early because it's really pay off now that I'm in college. I'm always have people asking me for ps help lol

    lol I think the only power retired mods have is the ability to edit their post without the "last edited" message at the bottom. Totally comes in handy with arguments ;p
    Don't, people who can't take criticism won't progress at all. If they don't like what you have to say then that's on them.

    Yeah it was like a chain reaction. First I wanted to tag, then I wanted to do graphic art, and now I'm into everything ;p

    Haha yeah same way I was.
    Well you should never be afraid to give construction criticism with the intention to help. No one is ever too good to not have their work critiqued because art is a form of communicating, and if it's not communicating right to one person then the artist has something to fix to make their work universal. What you shouldn't do is tear apart the character of someone's work, that's just disrespectful.

    Thanks, I work hard to be as good as I can in all art fields. And I have tagging to thank for getting me started!

    Yeah it's a shame he took it that way but if you keep in mind the fact that he dramatizes things then it's easier to sympathize with it and not take his words so seriously. Because after all he's the only one making a big deal out of it.
    Yeah the community really thrived when there was a lot of competition. Hate to pick on Aliquam but from what I could tell you guys didn't have that much actual critique, just mostly compliments. And it's like if you said anything short of good job then you'd be bashing someone else's work. I like to work in an environment where I can be straight up with people about their work and not be painted as the bad guy for trying to help them improve.

    Yeah I've got a gallery up now if you wanna take a look:


    Yup, and when I made the assumption (which I was right) that him and KSX moved from SDD to Aliquam he went as far as calling me a backstabber. It was a simple observation and yet I'm the one being 'rude.'
    Why yew makerin' le unmerry face 8(

    (.-.) Happy face. 8D

    ;-; You knows, Karen-chan, when I gets upsets, I play with hand puppets.


    Q_Q Just pretty please don't be upsets~
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