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  • Yeah I guess so. But it was better than it being on ps3 like other games. I wouldn't mind psp though.
    Really? I thought it wasn't too bad. But I the xion thing was a bit too far, they should have had more things that happened to Roxas and stuff (But I like the character Xion)
    Cool. I finished already but I need alot of heart to get if I want to get the bonus stuff when you finish it.
    oh well don't worry, just hope for somthing magical to happen *Cheesy smile* XD
    If your bored why not find out about any thing happening around your area...or just rent new games and waste your time on them trying to get past the first level XD
    lol thanks for giving me a little encouragement ^^
    Any way what's happening near you (or with you). Anything interesting?
    Yes it has been a very very very loooong time, heck I couldn't say happy new year too you since you were off that long ;_;
    Oh well happy new year anyway ^^
    So what's new with you? Me? I'm starting high school next week D: (Hope first day doesn't scare the hell out of me)
    lol thats a good thing.
    Finally I no longer wait a long time for my kh days to come.
    what a happy time.
    oh well I might as well look on the bright side..................
    Ok there's nothing good about this because I every time I stand up I want to puke
    oh well forget about my trouble
    Oh I almost forgot to say this:
    Happy diwali (if you don't know it's the festival of lights, a celebration we indians celebrate, but most people thik I'm south amarican XD )
    Nothing to improtant.
    just school anoying me and spring.
    I get really nasty hay fever where my throat hurts non stop.
    It get anoying cause right now I've been blowing away at tissues and not talking much.
    Hey sped i soo can kick ur ass in kingdom hearts jp btw next thursday i can go yo ur hose cuz the whole GROUNDED thing lol
    yea soo see ya in school
    Well, couldn't have put it any better XD
    DAMN! my mum came up and told me to turn the internet of, hate this thing whee you get charged fo the internet.
    I'll have to go off, see ya!
    sorry but nopt giving a pencil and you get a one way trip to yelling. bahahahaha!!!!!
    I get yelled for not asking if my sis wants a chip if I'm eating my OWN packet of chips.
    Somtimes I wonder if they would like to ask my oppinion, but then again I'd just say "Get you own!"
    My dad pays for everything for me.
    I hop I don't grow up and get told to get a job soon.
    Oh well, I save up the money my granny and relitives give us on b-days and times we come over and cristmas.
    My sis is too stubborn to think about sharing anything, while my mum and dad yell at me for not even sharing a book!
    Man are they annoying.
    I got the game pre ordered for thirty two dollars.
    hah, what a bunch of suckers.
    but I only had to get rid of two boring games, and I've got millions of games better than those.
    It was freezing all week in the mrning and afternoon.
    But strangly it was like an oven at night.
    Talk about global warming XD
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