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Recent content by UmbraTsuki

  1. UmbraTsuki

    Wait a minute... Namine did this HOW?!

    I like the theories DarkosOverlord and alexis.anagram brought up the most. Both make a lot of sense to me! For the lack of time in the RoD, it makes a lot of sense considering how much other strange things happen there (like with the Dwarf Woodlands portion where things are going in and out of...
  2. UmbraTsuki

    News ► Yen Press to release Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days The Novel in June 2018

    I don't know how I missed this. I'm so excited!! And I didn't realize BBS was for sure coming after, too. I really can't wait for that one omg. I'm gonna love all of these.
  3. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    It's still an interpretation. I haven't played the games in a while, so I'll see if anything changes when I play through this time, but I do know I didn't feel it was sudden or drastically different. We could speculate all we want about how we'd feel if we played the games in a different order...
  4. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    I was recently a teenager, and I definitely knew teenagers like Roxas. At that point, most of the Organization members were basically strangers to Roxas. There's even a difference in that the Org members in KH2 will even call Sora by Roxas's name, while the members in CoM mention similarities...
  5. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    Okay, I'll just say this: I can see them having the same base personality (like "cut from the same fabric" so to speak), but I don't, and will likely never, think the details are the same, or that every characteristic of their personalities are the same. You're right, characters can't have...
  6. UmbraTsuki

    Where is Vanitas?

    So. I may have misread (I misread a lot of things), but I've seen people under the assumption that Vanitas is somewhere with Xehanort and crew already, like just with the other darkness people and such. And I've also seen people under the impression that Vanitas is inside Sora's heart along with...
  7. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    That's a good point. And I agree. Like, to me, you should be able to hate a character's role they were put into, or some of their actions, without hating the character themself. (And this isn't a criticism of anyone here. Just my thoughts.) To me it's similar to Kairi's role in KH1 being...
  8. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    That's true. I kind of always assumed that "see you again" was extended to Axel too though, but that might just be me. Then, in a way, Axel never expected to be revived into a Somebody, so that kind of is the "next life"? Possibly. I think as long as Xion gets a say in not being revived (it's...
  9. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    But like you said, actions are normally the result of personality+feelings. Even if they relate to each other, it doesn't make their personality identical. My point is that those would be the same reactions other people/characters would have in common as well. So Xion and Roxas having that in...
  10. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    Sounds a lot more like Roxas than Xion. As some are pointing out now, and what I had in mind, is that Xion was a lot more active than Roxas. She didn't just talk about running away, she did it. Many times. She didn't just sit and ask for answers, she went looking for them. She didn't distrust...
  11. UmbraTsuki

    If 358/2 Days got the Re:Com treatment it could be a masterpiece

    I actually agree. It's my favorite game and I'd always loved the idea of a remake, but I don't think it will happen. And new content would be more exciting, anyway. It's fun to daydream about a remake though. Huh. To me, that's strange. I guess since I haven't discussed the game in a long time...
  12. UmbraTsuki

    If 358/2 Days got the Re:Com treatment it could be a masterpiece

    I personally felt like it was pretty clear they were "hurting"... Sora needing to save them was the new part. I actually just couldn't tell which game you were talking about at that point asdfjkal; It's not a plot detail, but it's a background detail. Which is still nice to have. I know, and...
  13. UmbraTsuki

    Some Artwork

    So, uh... I posted art on here a long time ago, but that was back in 2011 or so. Lately, I've been drawing mostly Zootopia fanart, but there are a few things I've drawn from the past few years that I figured I'd like to share with the community. I'm not really confident with my art, but there...
  14. UmbraTsuki

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    I'm really not seeing how they would have the same personality. But the point is that this isn't memory loss, this is that he isn't the same person as Sora. Also, he's a teenager. Regardless of the "newborn" question, he's not going to be logically expressing himself and his reasoning all the...
  15. UmbraTsuki

    If 358/2 Days got the Re:Com treatment it could be a masterpiece

    Instead of us, it's more that Sora (or Data!Sora?) learns about those who are hurting. We (people playing the game) know about them from previous games. Also a lot of those things were still in the beginning and the end, that I can remember. I personally feel like some of your points about...