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  • Really? and lawl why do you dislike his comedy?

    What are your New Years resolution?
    I guess you need to have a certain type of humor to watch them like with Seth Rogan.

    Aw damn that sucks well at least your gifts were great. and Happy New Year!
    They’re not nearly aa close as they used to be. NK is more of an embarrassment to them than anything else. Plus they keep capturing Chinese fishing boats in order to ransom them back. Doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship to me.

    You’re welcome. :3 And it’s a bit early but Happy New Year! Hope you have nothing but good coming towards you ^^
    Adam Sandler movies are funny tho :|. But you're right. I had my hook ups though so I succeeded :). How was your holidays ?
    True, I guess. Point still stands though.

    Get rid of him? We're not supposed to interfere, but the people there aren't going to be able to get rid of him either.

    Well, I hope you had great Christmas anyway! :)
    Pffff I feels ya. Luckily my family works like 24/7 around these times so its a bit easier for me. But since school is done for a while its ganna be boring for me -___-
    That is true, but this is one thing where we can't give in. We can't have potential terrorists censoring the creativity of the rest of the world. Because that's exactly what they want. They want power over those against them, and giving in to their demands is exactly how they get that. Less than 10 years ago Team America absolutely ridiculed Kim Jong Il beyond the impossible, and nobody batted an eye at that. That's what needs to come back.

    Regardless of wether he truly was behind it or not, imo when you rule a nation through fear and brainwashing, you lose any right to complain when people mock you for the filth that you are.

    So them holidays are coming up. :p Got any plans?
    To me it's mostly about the principle of it. I don't care how good or bad the movie is, no one should be forced to cancel a movie about a damned dictator because it might offend him. And especially not because of terrorism threat by cowardly unknown dipshits.
    Its okay tho. We all forgive you :'( lol

    And oh okay so I'm guessing a bit of family time since you're ganna be bumming it at home ?
    To hell! And back!

    Hearing about The Interview being cancelled is easily one of the worst news stories I've heard this year.
    I am so rude for not responding for almost a year. -___-

    But thats a whole year of stuff to talk about :D lol. How's it going homie?
    I know. I'll play it after I run through this and BBS.

    Damned Shadows keep getting up in my business with their pussy attacks.
    Playing KH has kept me away from ORAS though. Damned choices.
    I know, right? The only way to have enough time is to be so rich you don't need to work. And even then you'll find some way to run out of time.

    Critical mode: - enemies do double damage.
    - you get Reaction Boost, Finishing Plus, Draw, 2x Lucky Lucky, MP Hastera and EXP Zero on Roxas' third day
    - Start with 50 AP
    - AP increases by 3 instead of 2 when leveling up
    - The HP and MP bonuses are only half as big (so you end up with a lot less by the end)
    - Experience gain is 3/4
    - easier to unlock the BBS video
    One thing that is unclear to me though: the list I'm looking at mentions the enemies doing double damage to you under both Proud mode and Critical, but on Proud mode you also only inflict half damage. It says no such thing under Critical mode. Seems to me like it should (you know, for difficulty)

    Aside from that, there are some other things that have changed and are there in every mode. Some of the story missions have their conditions set a bit harder (and some others a bit easier). Some enemies also seem to fight a bit better than I remember. I've been hit by Shadows several times. I NEVER get hit by Shadows.
    Good. Too many people think that being adult means you have all the time you like.

    I'm only up to Beast's Castle, so I haven't seen much of the added stuff yet, but so far I like it. Roxas' part was a bit longer, but less boring this time. It's hard to remember though, it's been ages since I played the previous version. I didn't choose Critical mode because of that, wanted to familiarize myself with the game again first.
    One thing though, is the facial expressions. They're far more expressive than I remember them being (a good thing, of course. Adds life). I can't seem to find anywhere wether they've always been like that, or if that's one of the improvements from Final Mix.
    Oh come on Urbane, you know you want to. But yeah, I too have lots to watch. And play. And read. I'm warning you know: it's not going to get easier in time. You'd figure that when you have a steady job and no stuff like homework you'd have loads of time. You do not.

    Finally started playing KH2.5 after it had been just lying there for 2 weeks.
    Blame my scientific curiosity for everything. And then curse my inability to pay attention for longer than 5 seconds. It's a curse from someone with a deranged sense of humor I'm telling you.

    Nooo, don't maybe, just do it.
    Is it most? Because I can't find numbers for that. I know that it happens and that for some species it's pretty much the norm, but I doubt it's actually most of them. But it's hard to say, when you take in account some species specific ways (or rather, needs) of reproduction.
    I find this subject hard to properly put into words. Yet still interesting.

    Nooo, don't shrug, just do it.
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