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    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

    Now if only Nomura would explain why the KH1 models of Sora and Riku are being used.......seriously am I the only one getting tired of playing as KH1 Sora?
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    *sigh* why are crazy fans saying "You can't bash Re:coded if you haven't played it". By that logic you can't defend it either. also the big thing for coded is that You get the fucking letter. You don't need a game for it. You can just have a cut-scene of Sora reading the letter which explains...
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    No namee

    To beat MF 1. Terra is a no no. you'll get raped. 2. easiest as Aqua, just use barrier burst and curagas as every other command. 3. Get Once More. This is a must, it keeps you at 1 hp so you can survive all his gay ass combos as long as you have higher than 1 hp when you are hit. I couldn't...
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    The game is about Kairi getting kidnapped. Sora and Riku go off together and when they all meet again Sora ignores Kairi and basically goes down on Riku.
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    Eraqus Sentiment(?)

    Xdouche [Twenty-five Characters]
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    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    Coded didn't seem to matter. The ending was easy to figure out sine BBS you basically know what the letter says. The cameos of the past characters weren't needed. Data Sora is irrelevant IMO and I really don't care much for the fact that every damn side game uses the KH1 sora model. The only...
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    Mysterious Figure.....

    At least the MF figure you can beat by timing in between some of his attacks. Vanitas' Sentiment was all about luck.
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    A Possibility for a FM internationaly..?

    I'm so fcuking glad square doesn't have any better things to do like making the third game
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    Birth by Sleep secret ending help -not a spoiler dont worry-

    I did and nothing happened
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    Birth by Sleep secret ending help -not a spoiler dont worry-

    I beat all 3 on crit and have all reports, how do i access the last chapter?
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    New NA/EU Boss

    Aqua will knock off his hood and we will all see that it is Sephiroth before his Over9000-meter blade
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    What do you think the "3D" stands for?

    I know this was already said but im gonna say it again, 3 Destinies Nomura can be predictable a times and I am willing to put money down on thats what it will be
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    100 Days till BBS US Release

    My most favorite part of the series is when Sora goes through pubirty so his voice no longer makes my ears bleed. My least favorite is the death of Zexion
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    i got to thinking

    We need a newer boss. Sephiroth is not needed. He is a silver long haired emo in KH2 with an extremely long toothpick who cuts his wrists because Cloud won't return his love. Could we get an Ansem the Wise fight since we couldn't ever get a chance to beat the shit out of Diz
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    The Flaw of Leanord Nimoy

    Master Eraqus should be played by William Shatner. lol