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  • Haha, yeeeah, I have that same problem. D:
    Because some people are too sensitive, and they don't understand that you're playing around.
    Sometimes I think people think i'm mean. :<
    So I decided to only use that side of me with people I know, lol.

    I'll keep an eye out for the additions. ~

    B-b-but the pink is so bright and cheerfull. :<
    Haha, nah.
    I like my friends to have a bit of dry or sarcastic humor. ~

    Sweet. ~
    I'll have to check your fb then.
    * Hasn't been on fb lately *

    Well...Elle likes the pink. :D
    Hello Alexx-san.

    You thought I was gone, didn't you? >:3

    Haha, i'm just kidding.
    No more -san. :<

    So what's up?
    Oh, and do you have any good music reccomendations?
    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I really appreciate it. I've seen some Ghibli films, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to see some more. I'll also check out Baccano! and Durarara!!.
    Well, I don't have the exact storyline planned out, but I do have certain elements that I would like it to have. First, I want it to have a bit of an innocent feel to it, but still have a degree of seriousness. The problem is trying to find the balance I want, or more specifically, how affected they are going to be at the end of everything. I'm not that serious of a person, so it might be a bit more on the light-hearted side, but I'm still not sure.

    Something that I have always liked in video games were interconnecting storylines, so that's something I want in the game/story, which means I'm also going to want multiple protagonists. I'm tempted to not give anyone any "radical" personalities, but I still want them to have some key traits that differentiate themselves from everyone else. As for the setting, I might make it into a fantasy-land place, mainly because I have a tendency to restrict my imagination when basing things on real places, and it will help me a lot more when trying to give my story a light-hearted feeling.
    I love Aquastyle's videos, especially this one (they have some pretty good remixes of the music). I also loved Marisa's voice, and Kogasa sounded especially cute. I don't think Aquastyle is too fond of Sanae though, especially with this adorable/cool video:

    I'm trying to design characters for the game or story I'm going to make, I haven't decided.
    I mean, I'm not the type to give up easily, but it got to a point where it was only me, and some other people who would worked hard everyday, and we were just tired of picking up the slack for everyone else.

    Anyways, character designing is hard :(
    Yeah I could see how that would happen. I'm honsetly surprised you're still as active as you are.
    Yeah, I'll probably ask my band director if I not do marching band this summer, so I can spend time learning piano and touching up on my music. Marching sucks anyway =/
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