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  • Oh, sorry for assuming then.

    I see what you mean, I'm pondering on getting one of them myself; though I am quite lazy so what would be the point of downloading software you aren't going to really use, right? It all depends really, hopefully the price on CS will go down a bit. I mean really now, 400+ USD for that, come on?!
    No problem, I only speak the truth >;3
    Aya is great at it, along with many others here.

    And alas that's something I know about as well, takes some time and skill got get it down right.
    Need to get that torrent of CS3 so I can get some practice <.< GIMP just isn't enough.
    I have to take my hand in making them eventually, hate having to skulk around the net for them <.<
    But I must say you have good taste *nods*
    Oh of course I know that ^_^ I just don't find many that size.
    That or I haven't made any requests for ones that size lol.
    I do like your point of view though, more to work with = better outcome.

    Sorta XD
    I've got like 5 folders worth of DN avatars <.<
    Don't want to brag but from the start was was quite the respectable member XD
    Hate bragging, karma is a bitch >.> but thank you KHV, I think the same of you.
    With my short time here I have made a vast improvement, and compared to my other forum accounts this is a big leap for me. Here I don't feel pressured to be popular or perfect; feels pretty damn good.

    But anyway as you were saying.. Oh, well either way it looks fantastic, smaller size or not.
    I prefer 100 by 100 avatars because it's the standard size for them, and the quality of them aren't that bad either.
    Gah, everything I have is Death Note themed @_@
    Mhm, well I'm alright, I just decided to take it upon myself to get to know one of the mods.
    That and you were the first to offer me help here ;3 and that help did in fact work out for me.

    Love the avatar by the way.
    Oh congrats KHV on your 6th box.
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