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  • the number of the cave that wakka was in in my save is 9604.But the door wont open!Im not sure about the place you know?!1#I fund 9 on the statue.
    2#I found 6 on the big stone that I jump on it and found 6.
    3#I found 0 at the beach were the kid is.
    4#I found 4 at the End of the beach.
    Is it inorder?
    Alright sweet deal, we'' do it maybe sometime over the weekend. Sound good?
    Hey do you mind if I interview you sometime this week for DM illustrated?
    I was going to comment on your username and tell you how much I love it.

    Then I saw your av and I literally squealed.

    <333 DANTEEE.
    Hey, i just noticed your votes for sotw and you voted for 6 and said something about no need for text. I was just wondering if you made a mistake with the number, because 6 doesn't have any text in it.
    Raid my 3rd photobucket:
    Search for user: Leopardwarhead
    (new stuff in there)

    2nd Photobucket:
    User: Chappehero
    password= amiwry1

    albums: art spazzes & request shop
    (older stuff, yet still good)

    not to mention that the new site designer Kazuma is like Darky and you mushed together.
    ebuddeh. meebo.

    you were missed.
    i have absorbed your cakey color style.
    Holy shit you're back.
    Heya darling, it's Vodka.

    Oh boy oh boy. SO much has happened since you were gone <3
    add me on msn ;]
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