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Recent content by var1ables

  1. V

    KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?

    Re: KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?? There was a hard part?
  2. V

    Did Terra seal Destiny Island's Keyhole?

    ...I'm pretty sure that's a negative. Unless that flash back with sora and riku was about the same time as terra and ven at DI, i'm pretty sure nothing happened.
  3. V

    Xion is not Kairis nobody

    He is as close to knowing everything as it gets. He isn't god, not claiming he is. I'm merely stating, that outside of story and nomura, they are all we got. Unless you can find a source that goes against them, or the story as it was told, your argument is baseless and therefore null. That's...
  4. V

    Xion is not Kairis nobody

    You are also forgetting that riku and soras "disappeared" from DI. Both of them do not have nobodies from that occurance. So what you are saying is potentially "screw evidence." Because the ansem reports and the games are really all we have to go off of.Your theory, therefore, is the same as me...
  5. V

    Xion is not Kairis nobody

    Riku "found" her body. Or did you forget that? namine was already explained. Why did riku's heart leave his body(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgfBkq1kfVE)? The ansem reports #10 states that he left his frail body behind to go further into the darkness, so why can't the opposite be true...
  6. V

    Xion is not Kairis nobody

    The problem with that is described in the first series of ansem reports Body didn't disappear. It stayed in it's form, as if nothing had happened. Therefore, no nobody was formed. and in secret ansem report#7 states With that we can guess that only through a heartless being created will their...
  7. V

    Xion is not Kairis nobody

    I already see a flaw in your logic; if kairi is pure of heart(having no darkness as it is suggested in the first game) there is NO WAY she could POSSIBLE become a heartless outside of another host body(aka sora) losing their heart. Without a heartless it is impossible for one to have a nobody...
  8. V

    A Xehanort Theory...

    He has a habit of changing what is cannon and what isn't.(ie riku's keyblade, it even existing)
  9. V

    A Xehanort Theory...

    I don't think it's possible You are acting like evidence matters to nomura.
  10. V

    The "Key" to Ven's Identity.

    Dude this is like when the first trailer for KH2 came out....just way,way,way,way,way less fact driven. EDIT: Oh EVEN BETTER: the thirteen point graph theory. That was great...good times, good times. It was a WTF moment for everyone involved.
  11. V

    RIP cliff

    February 10, 1962 - September 27 1986 metallica has gone down without you man.
  12. V

    D.S.? Who is he?

    I think DS is a person of no real significance. Just like most of the organization members. ROFL But really; Probably going to serve the same purpose that KH1 riku darkform and possessed riku did. Near end boss fight.you come all this way, thinking it's the end...and you have to fight some...
  13. V


    I've been asleep for a few months and i need to get caught up on whats going on? Like New trailers? New interviews? Popular theories
  14. V

    Help/Support ► Come se dice

    I know. I've been wondering that too. I think i was like the 4 person on the forums to reach over 5000.... Who cares. I did. Turns out, none of her friends do.
  15. V

    Help/Support ► Come se dice

    Wow this was good for sh*ts and giggles.