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    Ever felt really stupid buying a game? (Rant)

    Final Fantasy 13. Was looking forward to playing it, accepted that there was little to play at first and mostly cutscenes, but oh boy, I didn't really get the game. The battle system was no fun and basically played itself. The dialogue was weird - Hope dude just lost his mother and Vanille was...
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    What community do you guys distance yourself from?

    I'm ... confused. First of all, like Blenderudit said so fittingly, every bigger community / fandom has a bit of drama and some people who are not nice to be around. I think it's not about whether a fandom has these, but how many there are and how the rest of the fandoms reacts to them - if...
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    KH Bring Arts

    True. I also just don't get it when they don't release merchandise in bundles that make sense ... like currently with the Sora / Kairi plushies. I got so excited for those thinking they'd (of course) do Riku next, now they showcased RAX and no sign of Riku. Will they do Riku, won't they? And...
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    Nexomon Extinction (Spiritual Successor to Pokemon) coming August 25th

    I've also played Nexomon for a bit now and it's really nice. I think the dialogue is ... overdone, I love games poking fun at JPRG tropes, but this game has more of these meta-level jokes than actual dialogue which gets tiresome after a while when you get going and your companion blurts out "oh...
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    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    Voted SoRiku. I can see that Kairi and Sora might be a good match, but the series simply did nothing to actually convince me of that pairing in terms of having chemisty. For me it failed to actually show that those two make a good couple and relied way too much on telling me at every given...
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    Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary!

    Man, I recently finished the vanilla version and was so mad that they NOW announced the Definitive Edition for PS4. Still, I'm super happy it happens and will one day probably buy that thing. I surely agree it should be offered as a DLC though. Are there already news about DQ12? Or some more...
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    Nexomon Extinction (Spiritual Successor to Pokemon) coming August 25th

    Oh, really? I thought Ni no Kuni was quite a popular game, especially with the PS4 port. I fairly liked it, but the AI was so, so bad, lol in the first one and I never really got attached to the spirit thingies in the second one. Really hope they get the familiars back for the announced third...
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    Nexomon Extinction (Spiritual Successor to Pokemon) coming August 25th

    I'm always excited for every Pokémon clone because the main Pokémon series just doesn't do it anymore for me. I can't bring myself to finish Pokémon games nowadays because I never get the feeling that I could succeed at one of their main goals. Catch all Pokémon? Probably impossible if you don't...
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    Smells of defeat.

    This really should not be as moving as it is. What a beautifully crafted short story with an amazing morale.
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    Why does this game exist

    I honestly never got that argument "Nomura is just not good at writing women". Yeah, that's usually why you have people who give advice, insight and lend experience. First of all, I honestly dislike the notion that makes it look like women are some kind of weird alien race he just can't wrap his...
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    Is the romantic love real? And if it is, what's so special about it?

    Well, I think this often has to do with the bullshit idea that virginity, as far as women are concerned, is valuable and still has to be protected and uphold. Historically speaking, this has a loooong tradition that still not only has a huge impact on the present, but still IS present: Women are...
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    KH Merch

    Personally, I usually go for sites with pre-owned stuff, like Ebay and its clones. If it's about official merchandise, you can sometimes have a bit of luck at conventions, if you specifically look for stuff; in terms of inofficial merchandise shirts Qwertee and Sharkrobot do have a few, even...
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    Any recommendation for a fun adventure on switch?

    I found the docked play okay, but then again, I only did it for the first few hours of the game because somehow my controllers frequently disconnected and then didn't only need to be reconnected, but also to be recalibrated which was terribly annoying. Also, the controller controls stressed me...
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    Any recommendation for a fun adventure on switch?

    It's not exactly like Kingdom Hearts in terms of gameplay, but I enjoyed "Regalia: Of Monarchs and Men" tremendously and it's often very cheap in the sale (like 4 bucks or so). The story is very much on the light side, but the characters are really enjoyable. Gameplay-wise it's a mixture of...