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  • Well we're allowed to battle on the 26th, 27th or 28th.
    Then after that, we just report back here with who won and who lost.

    But will you be able to battle on the 26th?
    Or did you you want to do it on one of the other days?

    I guess i'll just try googling some pokemon avvies. xD
    Hey sorry about before. I'll battle ya for sure if you want in a few mins.

    And yeah I'll pass on Suicune. I was hoping it was a Bold natured shiny Suicune. I caught one but it wasn't shiny, made me sad. >:

    My SS FC is in my sig. :] You using your SS too?
    heya, can I get the stats/level/info on your Shiny Suicune? I'd be willing to definitely trade you for it.
    Awesome, this is going to be fun. :3

    I'm getting my team members ready for our match.
    It's going to be epic. >:3

    What day do you have in mind?
    And we need a time to meet up...

    Lastly, omg where did you get the sweet avvie. 83
    haha deal. I have 16 badges and i'm training for Red right now. I gotta get my Pokes to level 70 at least before tackling it. @_@
    lol it's ok. i'm waiting in the room right now.
    you're in a battle with edge so I'll wait till you're done. i'm in the room.
    S'okay. It's up. I got it. Want to battle now or? I'll set it up now if you do. :]
    I know. Sorry. haha. I have a crazy schedule. Tonight I'm free though. I have your FC and my SS one is in my Sig. :p My SS one.

    Let me know if you're ready. I think EdgeMaverick beat me to it so if you guys want to battle first that's fine. :]
    hehe I don't have shinny pokemon, but I can do those two in non shinny forms if you want.
    I'll battle you sure. You're offline atm so I can wait till later. My only team in SS atm is my game-team also. lol
    Could I have one of each? I can maybe give you some pokemon from my platinum game? I also might have some good pokemon you want XD
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