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    Oh that was a classic :D.It took almost the entire staff to flame me LOL.
    I don't remember making any threads...
    I assume you've seen samhain being stupid in the spoilers section.
    Well hey, at least you're honest about it XD
    I'm actually a tad older than you, which would make the pedophile thing....ineffective XD
    yuppers peppers. I WAS going to lick my sister's face. Vexen rudely interrupted.
    also..not the most ATTRACTIVE picture of me...but I'll live XD
    You've done nothing wrong. To be perfectly honest, I find people like you far more refreshing than most people I meet (including people from my own religion). They could care less about whether what they think is true or not, and they don't care to even learn everything about what they themselves believe in. I may not know everything (nor will I ever), but at least I'm making the effort to learn as much as I can about my own belief system. Though you claim that chasing the truth is a wild goose chase, you still have an interest in it. That alone is saying something.
    me neither but talking a bit in the middle of so much threads don't ert
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