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  • Oh that must have been interesting. Do you have a link to it? I also have a fanfiction where Ventus has a younger brother named Viento, of course he forgets about his brother after Xehanort does something to him as seen in BBS.
    Welcome to khinsider. I am going to school soon. Hopefully, I did well on my exam. I feel down in the dumps. By the way, my name is Dreaded_Desire62.
    ^_^ *gives you a cookie and a hug* I also like Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. :) How about you?
    Well, I'm glad to meet you :) Welcome to the site! Oh, and an early Happy Valentines Day! ^_^
    Yep, after you beat the story as Sora, you unlock the "Reverse/Rebirth" story, where you play as Riku (the REAL one, not the Replica one in the Sora story). :3 It's in both: the HD set Re:Chain of Memories is exactly the same as the PS2 version, except prettier and a few extra cards. ---- Wow! You must be good at it! :)
    Sounds like you're pretty fun! ^^ I love Kingdom Hearts, along with many other video games. I like reading, writing, swimming, and many other things besides. :3 ------ I'm not sure, it's been a few years since I last played BBS. :( I think it was Terra: lvl 57, Aqua lvl 59, Ventus: lvl 52. In KH2 and 358/2 Days I hit 99/100. Re:coded I was lvl 80. KH1 I got up to 83. And Re:Chain of Memories I got to lvl 60 as Sora and lvl 58 as Riku.
    I'm doing fine. Always glad to welcome new members, and meet new friends. :) What kind of things do you like to do?
    To multi-quote, just mark the posts that you want quoted with the button just beside the Reply with Quote function. You know, the one with quotation marks inside a balloon with a plus sign next to it? After you've done so, when you click Reply with Quote, the forum will automatically quote the marked posts for you so you don't have to copy and paste.
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