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  • Bah, that only means I'll have to post more and more and more and more and moarz.

    I'm just somewhat bothered by the fact that there's not too any forums anymore that are active like 24/7.
    Zack, what's up bromie?

    It bothers me that I can't add a 150x150 avatar, so I'll have to stick with these little ones.
    Hey Stalker! :p Nah, but I was thinking about what you said earlier... tracking cookies, maybe? Call me later if you get a chance, I've been thinking 'bout that.
    Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine with the current members list.

    Anyway, thanks for understanding. I honestly felt bad about doing this (I'm not one who usually does hostile takeovers) =/

    But you're still welcome to the club anytime if you want to voice your opinion. =D
    Sorry if I jumped the gun, but you didn't answer me. And it said your last activity was earlier tonight. So I went ahead and remade the club.

    I only did it because the members list on the old club only had 8 people, when really there were dozens. And you hadn't posted in it for like 20 pages.

    But, you're listed as a member on the new one. Feel free to post there or make suggestions.
    Hey there.

    I was just wondering: do you still care about your TerraXAqua club or no? I haven't seen you there in a while.

    Cuz otherwise, LadyScythe and i will remake the club and tell all the members about it.
    It worked! lol Could you get someone to re-send me my username and password in a email?
    Yo! Could you do me a favore? What's that site you work at again?
    Evertime I get the link it fails. I wanna spruce up my profile there. lol
    Was this message from before I talked to you on MSN?

    If not, well, the forums are back up.
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