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    And so here we are

    17 years after KH1 to be exact. 14 after registering. 3 years since I've last posted And 9 days left until KH3. Thinking back to my time at this place. Quite a ride. Good memories, bad memories, and other hilarious hijinks. Even after all the changes in my life. I haven't once ever...
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    New Study Suggests Humans may have Psychic Powers

    New Study Suggests Humans Have Psychic Powers - Asylum.com PSYCHO CRUSHER
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    New York Governor's Debate - "The Rent is too damn high"

    For those of you who live in New York and watched the debate and for those who didn't 'The Rent Is Too Damn High' Party & Jimmy McMillan Debate In New York (VIDEO) x4o-TeMHys0
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    Druids recognized as religion for first time in UK

    Druids recognized as religion for first time in UK - World news - Europe - msnbc.com So, the only reason I didn't post this in Religion is so avid World of Warcraft players can rejoice, though it's only in the UK. What are your thoughts?
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    Florida Chruch plans Quran burning event on 9/11

    Planned Quran-burning could endanger troops, Petraeus warns - CNN.com jdgr0kfiff4 This happened to catch my attention while watching about "Skyscraper Man" on CNN. With all the craziness happening recently, I failed to notice the 9/11 Anniversary approaching.
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    i admit, i had a dream i was playing bbs last night

    It was a spiritual message. You were being born during your sleep. You will transform into a being on a higher plan of existence soon,The game was just there by chance.
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    Help/Support ► stupid prank

    Yeah, that's the case most of the time. Slim chance the person ever text you again unless you somehow got on his contact list and will probably forget about you, unless by slim chance you somehow get into a text convo again.
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    Switzerland bans violent video games\ Australian Attorney-General Atkinson Resigns

    Switzerland bans violent video games - GAMER.BLORGE 'World of Warcraft' and Other MMOs Taken Off Australian Shelves ____________________________________________________________ Australian Attorney-General Atkinson Resigns, Opening Door for End to Video Game 'Bans' - Shacknews - PC Games...
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    Massive Glitch Hits Ps3

    Sony PS3 network glitch affects thousands - Telegraph Was sleeping in class when someone mentioned it. I don't own a PS3, but sucks for anyone who turned on theirs today. I'd take their advice and Do not turn on your ps3
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    Woman Tapes 4 Minutes of 'Twilight,' Faces Felony Charges

    Woman Tapes Minutes of 'Twilight,' Faces Felony Charges Charged With Felony After Taping 4 Minutes Of "New Moon" - The Consumerist Woman arrested for trying to record 'Twilight' on digital camera :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State This is why I don't go to the movies.
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    Oprah cancelling her show

    Oprah Winfrey cries on live show announcing the end of 'Oprah' | EW.com Just heard about this today. Didn't see it coming
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    Illegal movie download forces shutdown of free Wi-Fi

    Illegal movie download forces shutdown of free Wi-Fi | coshoctontribune.com | Coshocton Tribune Geez the MPAA is getting out of hand. Are cops going to be busting down everyone's door in America to arrest us or illegal music downloading sooner or later?
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    Help/Support ► what the fuck

    Why kill them? Have you forgotten that KHI's Farmville Festivus 2010 is coming up.
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    Roxas getting slapped by Lexaeus
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    Last Survivor of the Titanic Dies at 97

    Turner Radio Network: Last Survivor of Titanic dead at 97 =(