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    [Mature Language] I took time to translate the KH3 Manga

    It's true! I'm glad I got access to an early copy so I could translate it properly 🤣
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    [Mature Language] I took time to translate the KH3 Manga

    I'm glad you got enjoyment out of it! It was pretty fun to "translate"! 🤣
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    [Mature Language] I took time to translate the KH3 Manga

    I think you'll like the results.
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    A Quick Survey about Nomura for College Research

    I would appreciate it a lot if you filled this out <3 thanks! :) https://goo.gl/forms/ekT1kQJ9rdUSiLNH3 If you have any questions regarding the survey I'd be happy to answer them
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    Reworded post regarding research for college

    (Sorry for having two of these posts up at the same time I have no idea how to delete my own thread ^^') A couple of days ago I posted some questions regarding research for college but I realised it was worded pretty horribly and the questions I asked weren't very open-ended. Therefore I...
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    Help give me research for college <3

    I would like your assistance! <3​ For college, we have an assignment to research a specialist subject of our choice. I chose to research our favourite guy, Tetsuya Nomura. I'd like to learn more about who he is, where his inspiration derives from, how he came to be where he is now etc. I...
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    The passing of my father

    Hello all, it's been a while since I posted here. I'm struggling to cope with the recent death of my dad, which happened yesterday. I'm absolutely heartbroken, and devastated. He had been suffering for so long with dementia and couldn't move around. Everything about this has been so hard to...
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    Twitch Streaming Questions

    Hey all! I'm writing here to ask you all if you think it would be a good idea to stream KH3 when it releases. There are a few reasons for and against streaming I'd like to add as my own opinions, but I'd like to hear your input on the matter too. My reasons FOR streaming KH3 are: I...
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    There is an RP based on the game I'm making!

    Yes, it's true! There's a whole RP based around the game now! The RP should either be starting today, or within the next couple of days at the latest, so it may be a good idea to make a bio now and join in on the fun! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JhSDzeh Here are some Faction...
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    I need your help with coursework again! ANOTHER SURVEY!

    I'm going to be comparing this survey to the Kingdom Hearts one you all answered last year. It's about Dark Souls, and even if you haven't played it you can still participate. You all helped out so much last year I thought to ask you all again. :) https://goo.gl/forms/giGr31yxh39RkXbj2...
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    Brand new promotional artwork for my game!

    Credits to Fudgemint Guardian for this amazing piece of art! What are your opinions? Leave them below! (Personally, I think she's done an amazing job!) Site: Adolescense.enjin.com
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    The game I'm making now has its own WEBSITE!

    I really wasn't sure where to post this, so I just decided to post it in here! Yes, that's right. The game I've been making for a long time finally has its own website and forums. Feel free to sign up and message other community members! :) http://adolescense.enjin.com/home It's just a simple...
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    The Game I'm making now has a Discussion Chat on DISCORD!

    So, a lot of you who lurk around on these forums may have come across my previous thread about a Video Game I'm making (Which got a ton of great feedback and support, THANK YOU! <3) Therefore, I decided to make a discussion chat for everyone interested in knowing more about the game on DISCORD...
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    I am officially making a video game! (Demo almost ready)

    I have spent a long time developing a pretty nice turn-based RPG in my spare time (which is why I haven't been too active on the forums, sorry!), but there's a slight hitch in everything. I need artists and musicians to help make resources to use in-game! If you would like a chance to get your...
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    A song I made! (Non KH related)

    So, I'm making a video game with a couple of people at the moment, and basically... I started making music for it! I wasn't sure whether or not to post this here because usually the creative media section is for KH based stuff, right? But I just posted it here anyway. (Mod or Admin please move...