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  • Never heard of that one before, I recently got into Ouran High School Host Club, the lead character reminds me a lot of Uranus from SM since she has the same androgynous thing going on.
    Yeah I know, same here for me too especially in certain anime series SM, TM, TMoHS, etc.
    Yeah you've always had that whole Suicune obsession going on so I don't blame you, Mewtwo would probably be easier to catch anyway and I don't really like Moltres that much, Articuno <3.
    That's your solution then just make sure that besides Suicune that there isn't any other one that you want badly or it'll be just a total waste, or you can just get lucky at winning another Master Ball if you can.
    What Poke Balls are you using, I know you've already used up the Master one? But just keep trying though is my advice since just about all of them have a 3% catching rate or something like that.
    I've been "here" somewhat just haven't posted since I'm mostly going over my semester review stuff. Plus most of the threads I used to be active in like the Pokemon one have gotten boring since I haven't even played Diamond for several months now.
    your avatar request is done!
    stop by the 3 ½ Star Signature Shop thread to check it out
    oh hey. umm... i'm doing pretty okay. i've been playing mother 3 and mario kart wii over these past few days and being busy with school. i'm also pretty excited for chrono trigger ds. how about you?
    Eh, either way, I don't plan on doing it unless in some weird way I get inspired. We were actually supposed to work on it for a month but that horrible witch of my teacher only gave us two weeks because she was "too" busy. So I don't even have the time that I wanted.
    I know, but I was really getting into it at the time but then I just got lazy and didn't even start. lol
    I know, I know but that is just how it is.

    Now at the least the novel is optional so I don't have to do it but I am going to have to return the notebook where I was supposed to write my ideas, characters and such.
    Pretty much the same

    Except that they assigned me HW to do over vacation. I also have to write a novel since I am doing for extra credit but now I don't feel like doing it at all.
    I wish I had the Wii, they are a couple of games I would like to buy from it but I rather save money for PS3 games.

    So, what are you doing this week, after getting out of school on Wednesday?
    Yeah it does and now on Wednesday, I am supposed to receive the working one. Hopefully, that way I can play MGS4 once again!

    Thank god I never sold my PS2. I would've been bored at my house.
    Well, I got it last December, but I actually payed most of it. My parents only put 100 bucks in it as my X-Mas gift. Which was cool but then a couple months ago, it just stopped reading the discs and barely until two weeks ago I told them about it.
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