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    As long as you don't let it control you, you're fine
    No shame in being a cafetaria Christian. As long as you're a more or less decent dude who doesn't intentionally want to destroy the world, Jesus would be cool.
    Same here. Just because you don't share her beliefs. What is she? Someone from the Spanish Inquisition?
    Sorry about your mom trying to emancipate you.

    Anyways thanks for the sig.
    I am sure there are many haters out there it is just either they haven't expressed it or they said the whole PSP thing, you actually expressed it and caught my curiosity.
    Each to their own :)
    okay, it was just that I hadn't heard of anyone disliking BBS for any other reason than not having a PSP and I wondered what your was. Completely understandable thanks :)
    He can fuck Minnie. That's bestiality.

    I want Master Xehanort x Aqua. lol
    Sadly I don't bro. lol. Tell me what you mean specifically.
    Because we need to do something about those damn phyucking VenAqua lovers
    Do something involving Terra and Aqua mang. I need a terra/aqua sig.

    do me that and i owe you some rep my dawg
    May I ask why you seem to dislike Birth By Sleep? Or at least the fans of it?
    I don't go on KHI as much as I used to, there's just something that the site seems to have lost for me. So I'm not really busy around here. Real life though, is a different story- I seem to be doing more and more as time goes on, which is nice. I've got a nice week lined up next week too, it's finals (shortened days!) and a four day weekend. Pretty excellent.

    You do anything exciting for Christmas/New Years/etc.?
    ehhhhh I don't go on messenger much anymore, I don't really know why. I keep telling myself I'll make time, but I never do.

    I've been alright, apart from the cold. Snow day yesterday, shit was great. How have you been lately though?
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