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    3DS XL released and KH3D

    I can't even play the game on my old 3DS anymore. The big screens make the experience so, so much better.
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    Question about KH3D's ending...

    The way the story is makes it pretty obvious she's coming back with everyone else. From Roxas telling Axel "You made a promise, that you'd always be there to bring us back." To Sora seeing her in his dream and her presence on Destiny Island in his heart. Even Ansem the Wise mentions a certain...
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    Huge Plot Hole

    Yeah, that was merely used as an entry point into the present realm of sleep. They weren't back in time for the whole duration for the game.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Is it just me (It's probably not but I haven't seen anyone else mention this) or is this game REALLY quiet? I've had to play with headphones on the entire time because certain scenarios really lose their effect when everything is so hushed, especially if I'm playing in a louder place or with a...
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    "Sometimes I wake; I see them reaching out for you"

    The gravity of these little touches are so incredibly moving. Physical contact is pretty sparse in KH, but every time someone meets another with their hand, you can feel it.
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    Credits Question

    Julius is the only one that fits under Traverse Town Maleficent and Ursula don't belong to any particular world in DDD, so they're just under everybody else. I thought this at first too though. Pretty funny.
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    Some Story Clarification and Slight Speculation

    In one of the ultimania interviews (I think? Maybe it was Famitsu?) Noms mentions how Master Xehanort reformed into his state before becoming Terra-Xehanort, and made an ambiguous remark about how what happened to Terra's body and heart (And Eraqus' heart!) after Master Xehanort was reformed is...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D Rated by ESRB!

    No jiggling boobs this time around, huh?
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    Official KH3D NA Release Date!

    Oh hell yes. I had a feeling this news was coming soon. Hopefully we'll see a localized trailer before E3 rolls around.
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    358/2 Days Manga Volume 4 Available for Preorder on Amazon!

    Wonderful! I guess I'll have a complete collection, then. I've really loved all the little bits and pieces they've added to the clocktower trio's story. Kind of makes me wish they were canon. I have a feeling Riku is gonna be on the cover this time.
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    KH3D Premiere Event: Photos and Videos from the Event!

    Oh yeah, Kairi and Nami didn't show up, either...Although Naminé can't really battle and whether or not Kairi can handle herself yet is disputable. Axel and Xion don't have any excuse. They're both formidable fighters, and Roxas being there without them just strikes me as...off.
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    KH3D Premiere Event: Photos and Videos from the Event!

    The lack of Xion and Axel is criminal. Stop teasing me, Nomura T__T I want all my precious babbus in one place. So...close...
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    ORZ. I meant James Patrick Stuart.
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread I wonder if he means news for him, or news for us... I'd expect the latter since JPS is already recording stuff apparently.
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    Dream Drop Distance Secret Bosses

    Minamimoto or bust. Seriously.