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  • A caring crew, dont think I've ever seen one in a old peoples home where I'm at. Must be nice. xD
    I see, why do you love it so much? o3o Is it talking to the older folk? Talking to older people can be fun, they know shit. xD
    "Buy the money"? x'D

    Pffft instead of feeling guilty you should exploit the cheating emulator! >8D
    Pfft hardly you get a mouse and buttons. Far easier than trying to control them on a small ds screen while moving neku with the stylus and mashing random buttons for the top screen you barely have time to react to.
    Cause it's cool out, the changing leaves are pretty and it's over all the most pleasant season where I live. Spring warps the allergies so bad you can enjoy it, summer is to hot to live, and winter is usually a muddy mess cause it rains but it's not quite cold enough to make snow.
    You dont have to agree I can done tell your in denial~

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