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  • Skyfall comes out in November~ :DDD The casting in this film has to be the best ever in a Bond film; Daniel Craig as Bond, Judi Dench as M, Javier Bardem as the villain (Raoul Silva) and Ralph Fiennes as Garreth Mallory~ x3 That's an A-List cast if I've ever seen one~

    And YES, force a friend to go with you for Prometheus~ >:3
    ;_; You might be able to find someone eventually... *offers hug* You should see the trailer for Skyfall! :D I posted a thread with it yesterday~! x3
    :DDDD *is tackle-glomped* <33333333333333333333

    I'm alright. Working on an original story, and excited beyond belief for Prometheus and Skyfall~!!!
    *sneaks up behind NamiMog* o3o KYAAAAA!!!! *tackle-glomps* <3333333333333

    How goes it? o3o
    I thought paying for it was too taxing but yeah, that's pretty taxing as well lol. Sweaty and getting split from your friends every 10 seconds or so. Haha, I doubt! I made it to the FFXIII-2 demo half alive :3 When did you last go?

    Now that's some smart money saving thinking there...it's a bit 'baka' if you buy a console for one game anyway. We all know how the economy is now...<O>_<O> Maybe! You never know until you ask around :3 (Never give up hope!) Was this 'note to self' on our VM useful at all? xD
    World domination eyyy? I like that sound of that~ Eye spy sounds really fun though! :D

    But if you come MCM Expo you'll play the demo~ >:3 I'm not going to get it either so I feel your pain. Dem walkthroughs~
    (I doubt cheap 3DS's will be coming out now....D:)
    It's still gonna contain elements from the series. And hey, we finally may see a Doctor Who that doesn't have laughable graphics for a change (though I still wish they made a movie telling us what happened to the eighth doctor -_-)
    lol. We don't know anything about it, so it might end up being good at best. I just think how the movie might bring in new fans because most Americans don't even know what Doctor Who is so I actually think it's smart for it using a new doctor.
    I wouldn't blame you :3 But there is that weird DW movie coming out not starring Matt Smith to be worried about.
    I wish ;A; What was your favour though? lol Read someone's private thoughts?

    Haha, I'm not sure if you'd like it~ I'm glad you think it's lovely though :33
    10 years? 10 YEARS? Come on, you've got to do it earlier no matter what xD Maybe something to celebrate the anticipation of KHDDD *u*?
    *shrugs* I hope the Misfits remake is good...

    It's good because that way people can relate to them more. But yes, the series has just found its bearings. We'll separate them overtime.
    Lol, I was about to force you to remember >:3 (Agreed, skipping is pretty epic xD)

    ;A; So you do have memories of me in there! Hoho yes, and 4 months later I'm rocking...a NO.6 avatar.
    you on the other hand...
    still have that Sora avatar which I have nothing against :p I mean it's Sora?
    You should. Us Americans get everything >:D

    I think it's funny that some of the old characters attributes are in the new trio. I think Korra's more like a mix between Aang for her goofiness and Katara for her seriousness. Mako's more like the season 3 zuko (you know, when he's out of his emo phase).
    You get points for Doctor Who episodes airing a week before us DX

    rofl...he'd be a problem child for sure. Bolin's pretty awesome too. He reminds me of Sokka but on a more mature scale:

    The UK always gets the short end of the stick. Good thing you can watch it online (I wouldn't be able to because my crappy internet).

    I kind of like all of them. If I had to chose it would be Meelo for his comic relief~
    The hype was surprisingly down for the premier (because mostly everybody saw the preview) but The Revelation raised them up again.

    Amon= badass.
    Like I said before, but I'm alright with the decision they made about having a new story each time. The only thing that quirks me about this time though is that they made loose ends. If it doesn't happen again, then I'm fine with it.
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