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  • I successfully uploaded an image from Facebook. PS: I'm sorry I strayed from the topic, but there's no need to get uppity about the context of those comments. Besides, that's MY thread. How would you even be able to delete comments from my thread? I can't even figure out how to do that. (Seriously, how do I do that? If I knew, I'd remove those comments myself)
    The websites suggested to you are sites where you upload images. Unfortunately, this website just doesn't allow for uploading sigs from computers (it really is inconvenient sometimes). You can try creating an account on one of the websites robvandam suggested, upload your picture there, then copy and paste it onto here. Or if you have the picture on another website already as a sig or something that should work too.

    btw, I'm going to delete the posts from your topic pertain to your sig problem since they don't belong there.
    Are you trying to upload a picture from your computer for you signature? I don't think you can do that here, I think you have to copy it from a website.
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