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    Ansem the main villain of KH2? yes or no

    maybe at the end axel will overpower him
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    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    i think because mickey is going to br more involved in the story line so mickey needs an arch enemy
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    new keyblades

    i hope they release visulas soon
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    kh2 on x-box 360?!

    holy crap why so many MAGS
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    Diz is defenelty Ansem

    i think Diz should be an entirely new villan not like the shell or other side or anything like that
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    T.T Anylisation.

    kool pic u could see the monorail or train watever track
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 on playstation 2 live?

    that is the dumest thing ever imagine like 10 different soras going at in a death match well i think its dumb
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    i hope u can use riku that would be tight
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    Brave and Valor

    o h ok thanx for clearing that up
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    Hidden picture!

    what is the picture of
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    Brave and Valor

    so let me get this straight brave form is when he fuses w/ goofy and valor orm is when he fuses w/ donald is this right
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    What if

    well i gues si would obviously fight him and win
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    What is Valor form?

    i thought brave form was with sora and valor was with donald
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    Have you Noticed........

    yeah i never saw her
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    KH2 Release Date

    damn itz gonna be in Q4 2005 winter 2005 CLOSE THIS THREAD