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  • I actually did have an eating disorder. It started when I was about 14 and carried on until I left school. I'm not as extreme now, but i'm still a "light eater".

    Well I've been to France once, on a highschool trip but I haven't really seen much else of the world. Been stuck on this Island for a while lol
    A road trip sounds cool. Me and a few friends were thinking of going on a trip around Europe. France is literally like 3 hour ride away from here, and from there we could ride to Spain, Italy ect...A lot of saving will be required though.

    I used to get called Rexic(So uncreative lol)in highschool. I had pretty bad anorexia and kids are cruel.
    Yeah, I've been free from highschool for a while now. So do you like highschool or can't you wait to graduate?

    You have an interesting screen name btw, are you a shortie? I'm only 5'6 myself.
    I actually first started going to college when I was 16. I'm having a little break now, but I'll be going back soon. You'll leave school at around 18 I'm guessing?
    Also I have a fire but no air conditioning. So if its too cold, I can always put the fire on but not vice versa lol

    The only Earth Quake that hit us recently, I slept through(We have pathetic Earth Quakes) How old are you? I'm 18.
    My name is Michael, nice to meet you Natalie.

    I actually have an aunt who lives in San Diego, though I have never been myself. Around here the weather is cold, I actually love cold weather lol I get bored myself here, I hate where I live.

    Are you happy with where you live? I'm one of those types who just wants to move away from home.
    Hmm...Well i'm from England, we hardly ever get extremes in weather, atleast not in my region. When the heat does hit though, it all but kills me. I'm guessing your American?
    Hey! I'm one of your KHI friends(or to put in another way, a complete stranger!) I just thought I'd send you a messege because I have way to much time on my hands at 3 in the morning lol

    So umm....how are you today?
    dawww I like the plot lol

    Ugh Jersey Shore is so dumb, I think it killed a couple of my brain cells when I watched one episode.
    Lol you posted on your profile by accident

    I know! So far everything is looking sweet for my sophy year. What was so good about yours?
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