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    Windows Movie Maker 2

    Yeah i installed this thing but when i click on the little white box thing nothing happens and it just brings me back to the installation process. What is wrong?:cursing:
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    Favorite Drive Form

    Anti and Master are my favorite because they have the coolest combo's
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    Best Form

    I like Final Master and Anti but i voted for Final
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    Wisdom Form glitch

    Its interesting and all but i wanna see some pics
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    Do you play kh2 as you used to do whaen you bought it?

    Lol after i beat it i just went to other worlds but now its really boring
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    Saiyuki Reload

    Anybody read/watch this Anime/manga? I think its awsome. Tell me what you think!
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    Oh and just to tell you Jiminys journal is a pain in the ass
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    Favorite World

    Probably Twilight Town and Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
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    two keyblades at one without drive

    This is TOTAL horse piss. The only way you can duel wield is driving and Snych blade is a support ability for the drive form so yeah. Dont spread around false info.
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    Final Form?

    I got Final Form when i was driving in TWTNW during crooked ascension (the part with the elevator)
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    How do you get Curaga? I only have Cura so far.
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    Just continue with the storyline and you will eventually get the aga spells
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    When Can you Start Getting FINAL FORM?

    You get it after the scene when
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    The Final Cup

    I dont think it has anything to do with hades..... Im pretty sure its after you get past a certain point in the game.
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    combo attacks

    Final form genie which is "Infinite"