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  • Don't worry, that's fine by me. In no way am I saying 'don't do it', I just don't know if there's a good number of people in the Inferno section to make it that noticed. I'm not the only person to be part of interviewing people on KHI anyway, there was one done as a general one for the #junes/mod/those guys crowd before.

    I has a sad. Too much homework undone, more piling on, and I just got Bad Company 2 (half price FTW), but will likely have no time to play it D:
    fill some of this out and for the stuff that you dont know just ask me about. After your done with it, PM it back to me so I can check it over and approve it. As fas as your powers goes, the one where you can make imaginary things is a pretty clever idea. So I'm allow it and see how it works out. From here on out you'll be known as The Chimera Alchemist


    Alchemist Name: The Chimera Alchemist


    Rank: N/A

    Position: N/A

    Level: 1

    Alchemist Classification: Regular

    Specialization: N/A

    Alchemy: Has the power to create imaginary objects with his alchemy and make them concrete.


    Shikai: (give me the first ability that you want to have)

    Bankai: N/A (til level 40)

    Weapon: (you may have one basic weapon but all other weapons must be bought from the Shinra Alchemists Weapon Sop)

    Signature Moves:

    Fighting Style:

    Description of Self:


    Crap! I was initially gonna attack Star Boy but I remembered that Deep Sea Diva was on the field but I didn't look up it's battle position in the RP. Idiot!
    Both, simultaneously. You need to go to sleep later and/or wake up earlier, bitch. That is all. <3
    Oh, ok.

    You bring the screwdrivers this time, though. Remember, Philips, not flat headed ones.
    Thanks for adding me, Wynn.We members of Volunteers Fighting Darkness have to stick together through good and bad times.Because we're all not just teammates, we're friends.
    I don't think he'll get bored of it any time soon, hahaha.And Assassin's Creed 2 is one of the games I want for Christmas.Also, I think it's very likely that there will be a Christmas event this year, since you told me there was one last year.The Halloween event this year marked my very first Inferno event, and I hope there will be a Christmas event this year.
    Yes, it does roughly translated into him joining us. I just don't want the other half of his squad in after he spammed our thread. Anyways, just checking with you first. <3
    That Lex guy wanted to merge with us. As soon as the first syllable of me- came out of his mouth, I bludgeoned him over the head, repeatedly, with some stale bread and olive pits and told him that wasn't going to ever happen, though. He mentioned deserting that...thing he made and join us for tea and cakes and toast and jam, though. I only consider this because I do not care for apricots, even in the slightest. So, a crumpet for your thoughts?
    No. I intended on staying away from KHI for a while. Playing something else at the mo' But I can stand in. Passively.

    And it's OGame, if you were wondering.
    Good question... Make a comment of how there may be more based in the same world if it goes over well or something along those lines, I suppose. o-o
    Go for the Lotus Kingdom one. If it goes over well, you and I together can start up the Norfein one. I need to reprise my roles as the two sides. Plus, I think I have that first post saved somewhere on my computer, so we wouldn't need to rewrite it. xD

    All in all, great idea, though. :3 Link me up with the RP once you start it up.
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