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    Why are some of my worlds red, yellow and bright yellow?

    yeah then when it was bright or shines or whatever, then that world's main goal was completed.
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    Couple ?'s

    sorry, i know this has nothing to do with this thread but door-to-twilight...your quote in ur sig kinda teared me up when i was playing the game..i felt bad...anyway yeah i'm going for the ultima weapon rightnow thanks for the tips as well
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    Did you hear...

    yeah i didn't know abotu the ansem report 0 but i know they changed the gun to make it "friendlier" for america
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    .....it's a different game....she's in advent children too.
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    Who will tape the KH2 cutscenes?

    it's something to do though, i admire your creativity
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    Who's your favorite Organization member Part 2

    my favorite has always been Zexion!
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    pongo summon

    rude much?
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    What will you do on the day kh2 comes?

    i go to class from 8-9 50..then i'll go get it..then i'll go to work from 12 30 to 9 30...THEN play it lol
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    are you excited about kh2

    im really excited!! it's kind of hard or weird to express. just the thought of playing the levels i've seen in cutscenes in brave form and what not..i'm just anticipating!
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    that and they know roxas can still "hear" them tech nically and since roxas was one of them, luxord is speaking to roxas "how could you?" since he was one of them. sorry if that doesn't make sense. it does in my head!! haha
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    a pic of Zexions Weapon!

    yeah it would be cool if it was a keyblade lol..maybe that's a hint in the secret ending..spoiler i know but it's not liek I have anything away..i'm jsut saying, keep an open mind about things..stuff we thougth wasn't gonna be in kh2 or wouldn't happen..definately happened
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    official L.E. guide relase date

    it comes out here the 24...well that's the shipping date...it'll be there the 25th or 26th.
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    A Quick Question (No Spoilers Please)

    i was gnona make a post..and I did...but i did the spoiler tag wrong....so i'm sorry that this post is pointless..i don't know how to delete it!
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    Wizard? (possible spoiler)

    he might be talking about Yensid...kind of looks like Merlin but not..bigger and what not...maybe?
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    when u die(spoilers)

    haha you did it wrong..did u copy and past then write the spoiler? that might have been it..but hey! at least you're trying! I for one haven't tried it yet so mine might look just like that lol...take care forum..deuce!