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  • Eh, I'll just watch all the cutscenes on Youtube.

    It was nice talking to you! Have a good day at scool. >:3 *enjoys day off*
    Well I actually stole that resolution from someone else.

    No. I want to but I have two problems: 1. I only know a little Japanese 2. I don't have a PSP :(
    A little bit better, thanks.

    It was good but I think the break went way too fast. Other than I got sick on Christmas Eve and didn't feel very well on Christmas but New Year's was better and I spent it at my friend's house and we didn't get to sleep till 3:30 a.m. XD
    *tries not to burst out laughing* Let's just say England is not really how you imagine it.

    Well I've been sick the past two days with a horrible stomach bug. I'm still in recovery and I was supposed to take the day off but the snow took care of that for me. There's a great chance now of being off tomorrow too!
    you are more than welcome for the rep, least i could do to repay you :p

    i am good indeed, however it is 10 pm here
    The only time his heart was ever separate from his body was when Xehanort's Heartless took over it and sent Riku's heart to the dark realm. However, since Xehanort's Heartless was in possession of his body, his body was never casted off. Meaning, No Nobody was made - no heartless was made either
    Hah, thanks... I assume you have been lurking through the depths of the Battle section? It is nowhere near as great as it used to be, unfortunately. Although, I am thankful for your appreciation.
    Na, I'm not much for creating my own threads. Even if I was, and I did make a Demyx fanclub there is no way the feature would be Zemyx. Don't get me wrong yaois are cool but not in a Demyx fanclub.
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