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    Green Monsters in Monstro?

    They can also poison you and your party members, I believe.
  2. XAndrew

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue to release 2/18 on Xbox One

    Yeah. KH 0.2 Definitely had those issues. Though to be fair that was the first time we have played with the Unreal Engine in the series. I believe it was suppose to be a demo for KH3 right?
  3. XAndrew

    Would you be in favor of Original/Square Enix worlds in replace of Disney worlds?

    Disney Is apart of KH lore and world building. Take that out means you take out a huge chunk of KH.
  4. XAndrew

    Was KH2's Story Really That Good Compared to 3?

    I'm just going to say this. Both games do things differently. Both of them have pros and cons in how they handle their stories. One's not objectively better than the other just different. If you find one better than the other? That's fine. I just don't get these comparisons between the two.
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    This. All of this.