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  • Haha that's all for you to decide (or well, your character, really) man! If your character thinks helping Darien will get himself closer to what he wants... then go for it, if not, you could try and stop him, if you think you can handle the heat ;)
    Bleach is like Persona 4 without the tv world part.. It's pretty awesome so far. I'm thinking about watching the animation series of it tonight. Stupid polilics in our daily lives, ruining our good tv shows to watch tonight.

    Spirited Away, huh? It sounds like I need to check it out.
    No sir you are not! Key Wielder's character, Darien as at Pride Lands too. Soon Kataki will be going to Pride Lands too and on top of that Darien has some NPC followers with him too.
    Bleach, to be exact! I got to read Volume one and two before I left home to eat.. and Now I'm back online once more, lol.
    I really like chinese and pasta dishes. And pizza too, I suppose.
    It changes a lot. I like food a lot. ene"
    Well, Homestuck is pretty good to roleplay with and I do actually have a character I could use, both canon and oc... BUUUUT...
    Yeah Jezza wanted me to join that one, actually, but I'm not as into KH anymore enough to RP that. If there was a Homestuck one or something, it's possible.
    Working at the library, lol.. It's slow here, though. I thought it was best to check here and see what was going on. Seems nothing much here to do..
    I work at Walgreens tonight 11pm-8am, and I don't think sleeping right now would be right for me, because I'd wake up too early. u_u Oh well.

    But thank you. =w=
    You're welcome, and yeah I am apart of that RP along with a couple of others. I'm actually apart of four others at the moment, I look forward to RPing with you.

    My templates are on the first page of the RP, and they're definitely not my best template wise.
    The forums may or may not be glitching, I'm not sure. But thank you! =w= I love Vriska to death.

    But I see, that's good to hear! I'm doing pretty good, regardless of how tired I am. Don't wanna work toniiight. u_u
    Nope, just trying to get my muse to behave so I can get some writing done. Failing miserably. You're template seems pretty interesting on Keyblade War.
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