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  • Some joy the work is and so where do you work? Haha. It's a mix of fantasy/mystery/crime. I can give you a brief summary of the plot if you'd like. :D
    Well I know of a few second hand book stores near me so I'm pretty happy about that. I usually am just reading on my breaks at work because the music is either too annoying and people are all drunked up, haha. That's pretty cool you're moving closer to the city. I'm writing a novel at the moment and I probably wouldn't make it any more than $16.50 in cost for my novel. That's if I get it published, haha. :D
    Anti-money spending? Nothing wrong with that. The only things I buy are snacks (rarely) and on second hand books to read because I hate the fact that brand new books can be over $20. I some times have to stay up and help with some cleaning and what not but the hours aren't so bad.
    You work though so it's not that bad, haha. With those 18 dollars though I could've bought myself a meal or two. :D

    I do some bartending so it's not too bad. I get this saturday night off which I'm happy about, haha. :3
    Hehe, what'd you get from the reject shop? I'm guessing it was some sort of household appliance or goods and bags of candy? :D I don't mind working weekends because they usually some times call me to work on the weekdays anyway.
    That's pretty cool. So whatcha been doing on your day off today and where do you work? :p I just work on the weekends.
    I bet he could always wear them when they're out of the house or something like that.

    My friend was taking the Aldi brand tablets because the manager was always up his arse about things at work. Yay to the headache and bless that Konata avatar. :D
    Whoa. Have you told him there might be something wrong him? Sounds like he's been warped.

    I used to work at my local Aldi store. Bless that store but not my manager, haha. I sat down and ate those chocolate covered potato chips on my break. Haha.
    Lol, there's nothing wrong with being girly.

    Bless Aldi and their cheaper prices, they have great meat pies. Lol.
    Lol, the age isn't that bad. You should tell him to toughen up. :p

    Looked like panadol, lol...Did it taste like medicine?
    Silly, haha.
    You can always distract the nephew and still say "PS2? What is this PS2 you speak of." :p
    I wouldn't mind know what sort of job you do. If it's embarrassing then you could pm me the job.

    And welcome back! Have you tried having some soup or taking a Codral or anything like that? It does help, haha. :D
    Maybe she won't, you could try it.

    Where do you work anyway? Yes I do go offline when I sleep or am away from the computer. Lol.
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