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  • I see that which kingdom heart series is that Chernabog from? why is it the hardest boss so far?
    lolx XD i never notice my level too XP the only thing i notice is my panel :p
    I see that is nice :D did you enjoy playing it?
    I see :D
    Hmm... i cant really remember my level goes to check XD
    Are you refering to the final mix of COM?
    Have you been busy lately so you havent been online?

    I cant even win the dust flier in the normal mode XD
    lolx yea i must have give her a gender XD
    Hope you will enjoy COM too :D
    What happen then?

    Same but i havent gone back to beat her yet must prepare my keyblade *heh*
    That is neat :D

    Wow you are good i got hit by her a few times i normal mode her Agrabah mode is strong too it killed me once on my first try XD same here i need to beat the Dust Flier too havent beaten it yet XD
    That one was hard XD the beam does alot of heavy damage i nearly died when i got hit by it once in normal mode.
    Congratulation that you beat days on proud mode :D. Xion last form was the hardest to beat her damage is heavy and proud mode will increase the damage XD no wonder she could get you once i think i will be toasted XD

    Yea XD
    You should be more careful XD but that heartless boss was strong one hit KO which boss was it?
    You tried proud mode i havent got to trying it yet XD.

    Yea just like Roxas and Namine :D
    Maybe you were just careless so you fell XD
    Strangely when i tried other org member i wasnt that good in using them in mission mode as compare to Roxas.
    Oo is it but i think they make the heartless in the solo mission for Days abit harder XD

    Wow i didnt notice that we joined this forum on the same day quite a nice coincidence.
    Far less honorable death?
    You play KH2 before right so Duel Wielding Roxas is weaker then in KH2?
    I mean the pages lolx.
    You are good XD
    I havent got the zero gear yea but dual wielding Roxas is cool to play as XD
    XD i am used to reading from right to left.
    Leech grave is hard to beat so is Ruler Of The Sky i died twice trying to beat it in Normal mode it does scares me thinking they will be harder XD
    I think i have tried almost everyone except King Mickey cause i just unlock him XD, Sora , Vexen and Larxene
    Yea it is short enough do you enjoy reading it so far?
    That is fast i took about 3 months to finish it XP You should i also wanted to try Day in proud mode since i have already completed the game but i want to unlock Sora first XD
    Hope it comes out the newest chapter comes out soon i enjoy the last chapter alot :D and you sure read the manga fast XD
    Same i played the game slowly too so i wont finish it so fast XD
    I also waited quite long for other thing currently still waiting for the latest chapter of Days manga :D
    The manga author put in alot of character thinking which wasnt present in the game i wasnt surprise i hadnt play KH before when i read the first book
    The manga of COM is not bad too you should try reading it :D did you stopped reading the manga to play Days? BBS would be releasing in US soon if i remember correctly somewhere in May or June
    You should i love reading the manga the artist did put alot of character thoughts in it especially KH2 it made Roxas fate sadder i actually like Roxas from reading KH2 manga the writer potray him as someone who want to have a life like a normal boy but couldnt :( . I do plan on getting BBS =D and play the game though i already know the whole story.
    Good for you. I haven played KH before so i am not sure how strong Maleficent dragon is but i dont like beating her in COM. I got into KH by watching my brother play COM on gba and reading KH manga.
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