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  • I'm not sure how busy you are as of late, but EWS and I are restarting Envoy and this time it's gonna be different, I can promise you that. So, if you're ever in the RPing section, keep an eye out for it. :3
    Hey man. I just wanted to notify you that the Digimon RP is back on, and it's kickin' with activity. I'm not sure where your priorities are at, but we are entering a major battle which will nee Xeon. If you're too busy, I can PP him into the fight to at least get him into the action or at least the right area to which you can take over. -Ken
    That's what I meant, broski. :p Yeah, I guess when it all came down to it, I did push EWS(STW at the time) to restart it not once, but twice. I'm just not picky when it comes to rps, so maybe that's why. The way I view rps, if a friend of mine makes it, I join it no matter what, it's that simple.
    It just makes me feel happy inside. Like, how far we've both came. It really was the stepping stone in making us the rpers we are today. Not sure if you feel the same, but that's how it is for me.
    Damn Buster, I just looked through the first Envoy of the Twilight thread, and can't believe how far the both of us had came :O
    Hey Buster, which ultimate-level digimon would you think would best fit Belphemon as his Top General?
    Just some rps here and there. It's nothing worth going into detail. You gonna jump back into the rping life again?
    You know, you said that and all I could think of was a line from Twister.

    There was another Bill, an evil Bill. And I killed him. *watches her black lab puppies (technically they're a year old) going crazy over an empty tinfoil roll*
    It depends, I've had a fairly stressful day today, and honestly? If you're going to pull the same crap as you did in '09, I don't want to talk to you.

    I know that must've come off cold or bitchy, but I'm tired and I tend to get short-tempered at that point.
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