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  • Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I don't check this website often, unfortunately. It really does depend on how serious you are about shooting. If price isn't an issue, then shoot for a mid-range camera. Canon EOS 60D or the Canon 7D would be fine, but if you prefer Nikon then the Nikon D7000 would be the way to go. Nikon's have a sturdier build and feel a bit more solid in your hand, but the lenses aren't as good as what you'd find on Canon's end. I personally use an EOS 60D. I like the articulating screen which is a blessing for shooting video, which Canon definitely trumps Nikon at. If there are any camera shops around, go in and play with a DSLR for both and just see what feels more comfortable. If you're interested in landscapes and architecture, then the lenses you need will have to be telephoto and the aperture doesn't matter because you'll be shooting at low stops to get all the detail you want. For a cheaper entry-level telephoto lens, Canon offers a 70-200mm f/4.0 lens for around $600. I'm sure Nikon offers a similar lens. To complete your outfit, including whichever kit lens you get and the telephoto, I would grab a 50mm prime lens. They usually have high apertures (mine is 1.8), and are ideal for shooting in low-light, and they're cheap. You can find them on Amazon from about $100-$130. That would be the best outfit to carry around, but the 70-200mm lens is a bit hefty. You can outfit yourself pretty well for just under $2000, but I'd suggest (and really, it isn't an option if you're shooting architecture) spending no less than $100 on a tripod. Good luck!
    Girl, I've been reading our past messages and I have sooo much to tell you. We need to catch up. <3
    I'm here.... For ten minutes only lol.
    Do you have an american phone number?
    you can always text me :)
    Nice! The RP section has been really slow lately but it should pick up now that the summer is almost over...Unfortunately all my current ones seem to have died :/. I'm actually working on a couple of RP's of my own right now though ^.^
    You remember me? Wow XD Yeah it has been forever ago, how have you been? I've been good, I now have a life unlike when I first joined, lol. I actually just started becoming a regular poster here again. (RPing has taken over my soul -_- ) . It's weird though, All the people on here that I used to know are long gone :/

    Or they just changed their name...o_O lol
    heeeyz! You probably don't remember me, we talked on here YEARS ago XD. How ya been?
    Hey Xiao, I don't know if you know or not, but my rp Snowbound has started, if you are still interested in participating.
    Bildene Kunst ist malen und zeichen XD Ich habe einen Account by DeviantArt aber ich finde das ich auch nicht so gut zeichen kann XP
    Hey, you asked me in the Classes thread how I can be taking 12 classes at once, if you remember. It is possible, but I have to invest the majority of my time to keep up with all the work. Also, I'm not sure but I think the system here is different than in the U.S.

    From what I've seen, you seem to be particularly interested into Germany. May I ask why it is so? I'm curious since I live in Germany, coincidentally : )
    Yes! and we can go to chicago together, hang out w/ Vice and travel the streets OMG! lol lets see what happens but ill totally let you know. Well, I'm proud of you. keep it up! :] I don't really know how depression/anxiety works. but if ya' need to talk. pm me or anything. but i love listening to what people have to say and put in my two cents of advice. and i mean it lol. :] 70 and super rich, yup that's what we can all hope for lol. forensics competition/ huh? lol what;s that? well my weekend sucked lol. i worked on friday, saturday i went to san pedro and visited one of my aunts as she had a family get together and omg she has a niceeee house in fort.mccarthur, RIGHT by the beach. She's a sgt in the Navy. So the navy treats her all the goods lol. On sunday I ended up working again and today, went to school and hung out with friends came home not that long ago. And meanwhile that whole weekend i pretty much broke the news to everybody im moving..... very far away :/ Sorry it took me long to reply. :/
    I am actually on my way to go read and sleep now, so I'm afraid I can't continue discussing books, exciting as it is. I felt it would be decent to tell you that, instead of just disappearing.

    We'll definitely have to continue the conversation some other time.
    May I ask what were you seeing a Psychologist for?

    Ooooh, Sound cools. :)
    well go get that dream.

    NO, I haven't but Rey (vice) Tells me about it and I REALLY want to go!

    ehhh, don't want to ruin ur perfect little ideal of LA. But it really depends on where you live. LA is pretty ghetto, the only good places to live at is in a hi rise building in downtown-downtown. It's a fun city and all, pretty diverse, lots of places to go - but not to live :/ very ghetto most areas not gonna lie to you up in los angeles.

    If you're looking for a place to live,
    I'd recommend East side Long Beach, Downtown Long Beach, Cerritos, any city off the coast, Orange County, or even where I live, Lakewood.
    Most of these are suburbs, lakewood itself is a pretty small city in the middle of everything. downtown is only 10 min away (the beach as well) many place to go around here, nice neighborhood, people are pretty friendly.

    Whats awesome about CA is that there's all so many places to go, but its pretty hard trying to find a liveable area at a cheap price.
    I live in a 1 bd flat for 995$ rent, and that's considered cheap around here.

    So yeah, but its totally up to you. don't get discouraged, but its something to think about.

    any plans for the weekend?
    Spanisch ist in Ordnung.Aber meine Lehrerin ist....komisch.Es ist manchmal schwer ihrem Unterricht zu folgen
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