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  • Hey not bad.
    Well considering I talk to a psycologist myself, been through some pretty deep stuff in my lifetime, yet I love to talk to people and giving them advice and I LOVE listening to what people have to say. It's just comes naturally to me. I want to be able to help out teen girls in need who've been through abusive. I don't talk about myself like this usually, but you can pretty much imagine why i see one myself. But hey, It REALLY does help out having someone to talk to. :)

    What you gonna do with the German language? teacher? translator?
    lol, I know THAT feeling. I still don't know if I really want to be a paramedic. it's ALOT of hard work and super stressful job. And chances of dying in an ambulance accident are pretty high... as I've been told by the professor himself, he was a paramedic for 20 yrs. Said hes been in so many accidents, he's been a lucky one to survive them crashes. :/

    Oh, so u live in ILL.
    Man, I'm the jealous one, you live pretty close to my buddy Rey. After he left Cali, he was all you. Now it's YOUR turn to come to Chicago.
    Sweet man,
    he tells me it's this HUGE city full of crowds of people swarming the streets. Long Beach? It's not like that, but I want to see something out of the ordinary.

    Have you ever been to California?
    Where is that at?

    Oh, I attend Long Beach City College. I'm studying so later on I can join their their paramedic program. and this summer im going to start taking my generals all at once so I can transfer to a university and major in psychology.

    What are you majoring in?
    same here. school's is blahh.
    my life? well, no nothing too exciting either.

    what school do you go to btw?
    Ich musste mit Chinesisch aufhören :( Denn ich habe zu viele andere Dinge zu tun.Bei Chinesisch sind die Zeichen am schwersten ,es ist leichter sich pinyin zu merken(pinyin sind chinesische Wörter,nur das sie mit unseren Buchstaben geschrieben werden)
    Italienisch?Cool ^^ ich lerne neben Englisch auch Spanisch und Chinesisch ,bin darin aber nicht so gut :(
    Hey Xiao, just wanted to remind you to finish your temp. Or did you change your mind?
    Dein Deutsch ist eigentlich sehr gut :) Deutsch kann selbst für jemanden aus Deutschland schwer sein,ich hatte viele Probleme als ich kleiner war :S Ich lerne Englisch jetzt seit fast 7 Jahren (has it really been that long?Wie schnell die Zeit vergeht!)
    ja ich wohne da :D ich habe da immer gewohnt und lerne jetzt Englisch in der Schule ^^
    XD Oh. *takes a breath* Good. For a minute I thought I missed something REALLY important. Would be awesome if it WAS on PS3 though. :D Think of the GRAPHICS.
    Nope. And I don't really intend on buying one sense I got a DS for Christmas. :D

    And lolz! That is awesome and evil all at once.
    :) Yes. Right after he and Axel came back from Wonderland. XD; He goes:

    "She flew the coop. Flamsilocks here couldn't trouble himself to clip her wings."

    And yes, yes he is indeed. And I already spoiled myself. Only because I'm not getting the game. XD
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