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  • Like I said, its better to have the virtues do it themselves.

    Unless you have solid ideas for each virtue for a reason, there's no reason to stress the subject when you have nothing for it.
    lol, dude I'm not a mod. I haven't been for awhile. I t'll get moved if the mods do their jobs and see its in the wrong spot.

    That or ask a mod
    Yeah, way to go :\ Definitely an advertising role model.

    Honestly, I've noticed that you've crossposted this to several others' profiles too. Don't do it. If we want to look at it, we'll do it on our own without prompting, kthx.
    It goes on the main RP page. When you posting up the sign up page you put it on one of the RP sign up pages (Canon, Original, or Battle), and once you have the required amount of people you then put of your RP on the actual RP page.
    Wtf are you talking about? o____o

    If this is a reply to my previous VM, I was referring to all those times you came to ask about where to put threads about abridged series.
    Eh, whether you did or didn't, this definitely isn't the first time you've asked about where to put some thread, and my answer was Forum Insanity every time 8D
    It was pretty amazing. I loved picollo's fight with that one minon! Did you see yugioh abrdiged bonds beyond time? Hilarious.
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