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  • Neither do I. He's a liar and I personaly have no compasion for him. Everyone thought he was so great, what a bunch of fools! I knew he was bad and that's why I was against him.

    Do you see what I mean when I say i'm becoming a villian. I used to be so care free and so happy, now i've been hurt so much that I have become the evil I once laughed at.

    My favorite show as a kid was DBZ and I felt so empowered when I heard Goku say, "Friend to Good, Nightmare to you!" when he spoke to Frieza. Now I feel so tormented.

    You know what my greatest wish is? To get amnesia, so I could forget all my sorrow and who I am. That way I could be free. It would be so wonderful to be free of who I am and what I feel.
    I don't just want to settle for America. If I can make America mine then I can take the world and finally make things right. Maybe by making the world better I can finally fill the void that is in my heart. That's why I seclude myself, to remove people from me means I wont feel sorrow like this again and I can focus on my plans.
    I left my friends and decided to spend time alone.

    I paid closer attention to FF games and different animes, that's when I saw the deeper human emotion in each character. The music from games and animes helped me think and plan.

    Though I want to remain good and on the side of justice, I slowly feel myself becoming a villian and even found myself seeking ways to gain power. That's when politics caught my eye. If I could get into the goverment then I may have a chance at power and I can make things how I want them to be.

    But...I sometimes wonder if I will ever be happy.

    My greatest fear is to be alone, I hate being alone. I don't want to die alone.
    She was in a car accident. She was on an icy road when her car hit a tree near the road. The whole front end of her car was pushed against her chest and crushed it. She was awake 15 minutes after the accident and suffering. When the ambulance got their they took the preasure off her chest and she fell unconsious. She was transported to the hospital via helicopter and died 10 minutes in the air. I went with my mom and dad to the hospital and it was there I first found out she was dead. I kept myself from crying thought I was hurting so much.

    At the funeral I cried once and only once. The thought that kept going through my head was, "My future kids will never get to know how great an aunt they had. They will never know the person she was."

    If that was'nt enough, my great grandmother died only a week before my sister did.
    Yes I still hold it in. 2 years of hiding my emotions and I have become so different from what I was before. I wish I could return to how I used to be in some ways, just to be happy again. Now i'm wrought with pain, I can never return to how I once was. I judge myself far too harshly and I can feel myself becoming more angry by the day, like i'm becoming evil.
    I lost my best friend who was my sister 2 years ago...I was the one everyone looked to for comfort when she died, I had to be strong so I kept my emotions aside and tried to be strong. I had to grow up very quick so I could be the rock of my family, i've never had the chance to be a normal teen.
    Well in KHFM There were 3 extra Ansem reports where Ansem said, "When the heart becomes a heartless, surely the body and soul go to a different realm and continue on" something like that. That was a big hint about nobodies yet no one was sure about what they were exactly but that report made it clear what they were.
    But still, we now know part of how a heart is form and memories are vital to that so Hearts without memories = unbirths is possible. I'm sure most of us who believe memories are involved with unbirths are partly right atleast.
    Nomura: "Since the heart does'nt have a form, memories play an important part in forming a heart"

    Now one could say that the "Formation" of a heart is kinda like the heart being born. Therefore if we were to remove all memories from the heart, the heart would resort to a state of being unformed/unborn.

    Thus an unbirth may be created.
    I later invisioned Aqua having flash backs of her time as an apprentince and how she was so consumed with her missions that she never really got to know anyone really well. Terra and Ven are really her only friends and when Terra slapped her, it made her feel like an outcast.

    Of course I mend their emotional wounds that happened in Halloween Town once they get to Neverland. It's a really romantic moment.
    Yes! :lol:

    Okay I hope you like a dark scenario:

    Ven arrives in Halloween Town and meets Jack, who is about to go to the doctor's lab. Ven decides to tag along. Turns out Dr. Finklestein is studying the heart, memories and how they relate to birth.

    Meanwhile Terra meets Aqua in the town square. Aqua talks of how maybe there is no hope of MX returning to the side of good. This angers Terra and he slaps Aqua. Aqua feels betrayed and runs off to the graveyard. Terra senses Ven at the doctor's lab and goes there.

    Jack suggest that Ven praticipate in the doctor's ecperiment but when he does it causes him to go into a comma like state.

    Terra is angered and demands them to wake Ven up. The doctor dicovers that the memory potion is missing and suspects that Lock, Shock, and Barrel stole it.

    Jack and Terra head to oogie's manor where they fight Lock, Shock, and Barrel. When they enter oogie's torture room Terra is shocked to see that Aqua is tied to the roullete wheel and MX is there. MX tells Terra to bring Ven here or Aqua will die. When Terra refuses MX puts his foot on her head and begins to crush it.

    Terra does'nt do anything to help, instead Ven busts into the room and knocks MX off of her. With that Ven and Aqua fight oogie boogie and beat him, MX retreats.

    Aqua leaves the world in tears, feeling crushed by Terra. Ven explains how he was able to awaken when his heart sensed that Aqua was in danger. Ven leaves the world next and Terra follows soon after, though now he feels like a monster for caring so little for Aqua.


    Thus Halloween Town is more connected to the main story and is as dark and emo as it should be.
    lol, compared to other discussions on this site, that one was actually straight forward.
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