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  • Haha, you don't have to apologize :) I'm a patient person. Thank you for the compliment ;A; YOU'RE MORE AWESOME AKJSEAWR

    Haha, those anime. I started on them but never really got to finishing them OTL

    Ah, I'm also working on BBS oAo thas' cool
    Glad things are well for you too. :)
    Pretty much the same thing I am doing. XD
    That's okay, I understand. c: Sorry for not being on when you came back! ;~;

    ^///^ You're awesome and sweet, too~ I just wish we'd stop missing each other like this. :I

    Manga: The World God Only Knows, Liar Game, Magico. My drawings are here~ :3 And I've just finished playing The World Ends With You! :D
    It doesn't stop us, only limits our time though. ;)

    Ok, lol, at least the "school" part doesn't apply to me anymore.
    Doesn't help much though if you leave home at 8.00am and come back around 6.30pm during the week. *ggg*

    When I have some free time now I mostly spent it for working on my story.
    Why thank you :D

    So what anime have you been watching? Ah, and which games have you been playing?
    (sorry about being awkward haha)
    Aw, thanks! I'm so glad we can talk again!

    School's been keeping me somewhat busy, too...

    I've been reading manga, drawing, and playing games~
    Hey, long time no hear. ^___^

    Fine, thanks, just my work is severely limiting my time around here except for weekends.

    What have you been up to?
    I'm doing fine, thank you. Schoolwork's piling up but I'm still lurking around~

    What about you? What have you been up to?
    Xosej! It's been a while! I missed you!

    I'm feeling fantastic, and even better now that I get to talk with you again. How are you?
    XD me too, its the first one i actually beat! and sorry, i hate how i have to click veiw conversation to reply....
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