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  • SE for the win!XD but i must admit, some small companies make a few really great games
    Might be another good day tomorrow. I've got a few more friends in my last class of the week :D

    Ouch. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do?
    you lucky!i dont have a psp, so i cant play bbs right now, but hopefully some day i will, but i do know the story of bbs so dont worry about spoling it for me.
    just one question. this is our first acutal conversation with each other and i dont think we've posted in a forum together, so why did you want to friend me?please dont take that in the wrong way, im just curious
    I try my best because I love you guys <3

    The morning was long D: But I got to see some of my friends again and class was rather enjoyable, so it's all good. How about you?
    It's not so much trying to get everything done the way I want, but just getting it done in general xD

    But thank you! I wish the best for you as well~
    Kinda sorta busy. I started school again a few days ago so I'm trying to get my schedule back on track.
    I accept lots of different views. You don't have to love one character over all the others to love a series. It's even better if yuo have lots of characters you love, because then you're always excited to see what they do~ :D
    That's a fine answer to the question, actually. I like that view point. :3 KH really does have a lot of good characters~
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