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  • ~ i'm happy to be back at khi again. my bbcode skills are back in use. i just hope they bring back page customizations. i love customizing pages.
    ~ you know what? i noticed something. it's like everyone from our generation at khi fell off the face of the planet in 2009. did you notice that?
    ~ pffft.
    ~ that's good. where do you work?
    ~ i stopped by your homepage. hm. is this site anything like tumblr? that's the site i have a page at. that place rox. i think that's the source of all those stupid memes that float around the internet (ex: forever alone, trollface, fffffuuuuu comics, etc).
    D: Its more me that's been gone for a decade (or close enough) - and pm's? What PM's?
    I left KHi like 2 years ago (bit more than that i think)
    I only just came back - inactively a few weeks ago.
    Oh My gosh! It's Xziled - I haven't seen your name pop up in years (You're one i didn't forget! - Im good thanks!
    And yourself?
    I did change my name for a while, but changed it back, and I'm gonna keep this name now :)

    I've been fine. I guess not much new has happened since last time. Except that I'm married now :)

    How have you been?
    If you go to the main index of the forums, scroll down and you can view who's currently online.

    Damn. I was supposed to post that yesterday, but posted it on my own profile.

    Well. Better late than never, right? xD
    (deleting to hid my name)

    Just be careful. I would miss you (even if we're on twitter together)

    Alright, I'm off. And the title has nothing to do with mages... it deals with Pirates. (It's an embarrassing story dealing with PotC and Yu-gi-oh. I really should change that sometime.)

    No, I just missed seeing you here.

    Yep! Well, trying anyway. You caught me just before I was going to log off and get some sleep.
    It's alright.

    What do you want to do? Er...

    I'm cold...

    Did you see Ziz's version of Soul Caliber Ajani?

    I REALLY missed you saying that. Those PM's telling me to get to bed....

    wow, I sound pathetic.
    You are, sorry.

    How's life?

    I have a paper I must finish, and a dinner I have yet to eat...
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