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  • Hey. I suppose the FF project was dropped. I'll probably begin on something else, though I'm not too sure yet.
    Hey GoD and I started a new rp!!! We will start it this time since I am not soooo stressed that I can't sleep! haha Hope you can join!!!
    I've been working on it. I may have the sign-up thread posted up tonight; I chose to place the role-play at the end of a Calm, as to allow the players interaction with Sin and what ever other foes may rise. If you have any ideas about factions / positions for players, please tell.
    Well, yes. The role-play would start with those two city-states in peace, and then gradually progress towards tensions and eventually to war. I already have a template in mind for the role-play.
    Something came to me today. Perhaps we could set the timeline of the RP right before the tensions began to arise between Bevelle and Zanarkand. Wouldn't that be fun?
    Yes, I am. What did you have in mind? I'm most particularly wanting to know where this takes place in the timeline, or if it's merely taking the setting of the FFX universe.
    I came across a topic in the role-playing section. You're interested in an FFX RP, yes?
    Haha rping like riding a bike, I mean you be a little wobbly at first but it's something that you hardly ever forget how to do completely, and no worries this rp will definitely start. It all depends on how many people join and how longs for everyone to get their templates set up.
    Oh man YADO, dude it's seriously been a while. Glad your interested in the rp, I was going to actually send you a pm about it in a lil bit but you beat me to it :p Anywayz don't worry rushing to finish, I understand how you're busy considering how school started up again for Aeriona and me again today. So how are things with you, I mean besides studyin for finals?
    Hey, Yado! If you don't who I am, then it'd AoD (AngelofDestiny) with a new username. Glad to see you're back!
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