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  • Doesn't matter now. She said the exact same thing and said we should wait some more. *sighs and puts a candle down* Got a light? My dog just blew one and it stinks here.
    Right now I'm not feeling so well. My head feels like my heart roomed in with my brain and their having an argument.
    Just a little foreshadowing really. I mean not all relationships last you know. But I am hoping that mine lasts and we don't hit any bumps in our relationship.
    *grabs your hand and puts it down where I let it go* Not quick enough. But thank you. Once I complete my course's in college I'll think about settling with my girl.......that is if we continue to be together.
    Sorry, I just wanted to get back at you for messing with me back then. So now we're even. But that project did help me think that I may want to be a father one day. Just not this early. Probably when I'm 22 or older and have a decent career to support my future family.
    Hey, ever since I left from Cedar Point and the point we stop talking to each other for the past few months since October and having my own precious girl around. I really have changed a lot and could forgive things that I've done and try to make things better on the wrongs I inflicted on my past. One of those being a horrid guy for you. But hey, glad to hear things are starting to settle between you two. BTW, the kid thing I was saying to you before. I was just getting into one of my health assignments I was given from my class with my girlfriend. Had to take care of a fake baby and I got way into the father role I guess.
    sorry sis I was only woundering thats all and I ment it in the friendly way when I said that message
    Oh...........I'm terribly sorry to hear that....Are you okay? Do you need to talk or something? I mean me and my sister are here for you along with everyone else.
    Hey what's with the negative attitude? I just said it was gonna be delayed. I mean I have some material to make his clothing and hair. It's just the brown clay that I need to make the gourd and sash for it. That's it.
    A bit of delay. You see I'm all out of brown clay from making my girlfriend a Valentines gift. So......sorry. I need to get more brown clay in order to make that sand gourd he carries.
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